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How to Control the Activity of Your Employees On Their Work Computers?

For employees whose part of their daily tasks require them to use computers, chances are that their employer is monitoring what they are doing. Reasons advanced for employee tracking are many: an employer may do it to confirm employee productivity or to make sure that the activities being performed by their personnel on the company network are legit.

Use of Hidden Software

Companies can use numerous mechanisms to track employee computer use. Company computers will in many cases come stocked with a hidden software which enables the system admin to monitor all computer activity on the network. The hidden software can record everything from logging your keystrokes to checking which licensed UK mobile slots you frequent the most.

Employers like using hidden software as they can use it to view your screen on a real-time basis without alerting you to what they are doing. Its presence is meant to make sure that company personnel is not wasting their time visiting restricted websites or browsing the web for irrelevant information.

Email Transparency

If the company has provided you with a corporate email account, then it would be safe to say that all your emails will be monitored and screened. Any email you receive or send from that account can be seen by the system administrator.

Whereas intercepting or accessing emails in transit is a crime punishable by law, proprietors are permitted to view all emails that have been sent using the company network. However, an employer is not allowed to read employee emails that have been sent using services provided by third parties.

But this is not to mean that the bosses cannot read the messages. They can still read your message if they happen to be using remote monitoring software. Such software applications will allow them to view the email contents when you open it on your work computer.

Network Sniffers and Analyzers

It is not unheard of for company proprietors to resort to using network analysis tools to gain better insight on how employees are utilizing the internet during business hours. Given that access to the internet is a critical aspect of getting many official tasks completed, the employer will want to make sure that their people are making the best use of it.

Network monitoring tools such as analyzers and sniffers are employed to monitor employee web habits. The tools then generate a detailed report after a certain duration showing how employees are using the internet.