How Online Casinos are personalizing their Services to attract more Players

Poor customer support, limited bonuses, slow withdrawals and uninteresting games have for long forced many players to quit online casinos. It doesn’t help that even brand casinos and bookies struggle to provide quality services.

But as a new breed of gambling platforms emerges, players are increasingly experiencing bespoke services from casinos. Below are some of the major things casinos are doing to command players’ attention and loyalty.

24/7 Live Support

In the last five years, casinos without live support through chatbots have faced sharp criticism from players and critics. Even gaming resource websites like Gambla UK have been adamant not to rank websites that offer limited or no form of live support.

So, what’s the big deal with live support? Unlike phone calls or email contacts, chatbots let players ask for assistance from a casino in real time. If the casino offers quick responses, players are able to resume gaming instantly.

Being money-centered, online casinos mostly offer live communication to registered players. And if you are a part of their VIP program, you can get a persona manager. This form of personalized communication is not only fast but it’s also more appreciated by players.

Tailored Bonuses

Gamblers love bonuses, even if it’s a measly £5 free bet. But with the gambling industry being exceedingly competitive, the best casinos have found ways to make every bonus feel special to players. First off, they give out rewards to newcomers who sign up and make their first deposit to the casino.

After a player becomes a regular customer, they begin to tailor their bonuses. If you play blackjack more often than slots, you start getting blackjack bonuses. If you prefer to compete in the live casino sections, you receive multiple offers in that regard.

Tailored bonuses are unsurprisingly popular with players. Some casinos don’t personalize their offers so much but they give them out in such a way that you can use the bonuses on your favorite games. offers a comprehensive guide to the best casinos with free spins for specific games and banking options.

Themed Games

Who said slot machines must feature fruits for symbols? These days, casino games feature a wide range of things people adore in real life. From sports to the pop culture, rock music to Norse Mythology, games are diverse to suit different kinds of players.

Many of the themed games tend to feature all the subtle elements that make sports, the Game of Thrones or Guns N’ Roses famous. As such, you don’t get a stripped down version of your favorite movie as a game.

Although they can’t be as detailed as the original, football themed games feature players, a stadium in the background, balls and matching soundtracks. If you pick a game themed after James Bond, you get to play a slot machine with a storyline similar to what Agent 007 delivers.

Innovative Features

Online casinos and bookmakers are some of the most innovative businesses online. They adopt technologies faster than other industries. They continuously change their web designs and introduce features to improve user experiences.

Lately, casinos have a feature that allows players to mark their favorite games or to bookmark slots they want to play afterward. Of course, not all gambling websites provide the service, but it is one of the many innovative ideas casinos use to personalize players’ experiences.

In many cases, casinos tap onto innovations already available in the market but they do it fast. When Bitcoin came out, for example, gambling companies immediately adopted it. In fact, they created a niche based on the decentralized payment network.

When people began paying attention to mobile games, casinos saw an opportunity and introduced mobile friendly web applications. They did the same with AR, VR and lately live casino games.

Cash Prizes, Fast Cars and Exotic Vacations

Everyone knows casinos give out bonuses regularly. But wouldn’t you accept an offer to wager £10 if you stood to win tickets abroad? Most people would, at least those who love gambling. Some casinos personalize their rewards to the extent of letting players choose what gift they want after winning a competition.

Of course, only a few people get to win millions of pounds or fast cars. But the willingness to give out things players have always wanted in real life motivate them to wager loyally. Most players usually already know they have exceedingly slim chances of winning millions of dollars.

But then again winning double or triple what they wagered is all most players want. Some casinos run daily and weekly bonuses on multiple games to ensure players are constantly winning decent rewards. At times, they rotate their competitions to include card games like blackjack and poker. It is not unusual to find live casino jackpots, and they are all meant to keep players gambling on the same platform.

Supporting Multiple Languages and Local Banking Methods

Many licensed casinos target players from multiple countries. UK-based companies, for instance, also tend to accept gamblers from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Ireland. But in addition to expanding the countries they support, the best casinos also structure their websites to support multiple languages.

That way, Finnish players don’t have to restrict themselves to using English-worded casinos. Some casinos, in fact, use special script to detect where a player resides and loads web-pages in their local languages.

Personalization in casino is now also extended to payment methods. While casinos accept globally recognized companies like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Visa, they also support regional banking options like QIWI and Sofortwuisberg. All these efforts are done to tailor casino services to all casino players.

To Conclude

The modern online casino operates and treats players very differently to platforms from earlier generations. Most services, these days, are personalized to suit your needs as a player. You are no longer limited to a few banking options or generic games.

Casinos are constantly coming up with new ways to better their services. They localize their banking options; customize bonuses and offer 24/7 live support. But because not all companies are committed to offering bespoke services, make sure you do your research to identify the best companies.

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