Graffiti Recruitment plans to bridge the gap in IT and Technology Sector

Graffiti RecruitmentIT and technology recruitment specialist, Graffiti Recruitment has opened a new office in Belfast, as part of a recent growth programme to enable the company to fill IT specific jobs and  bridge the current skills gap facing Northern Ireland.

Research has shown that one in four jobs in the IT and Technology market is not being filled, Graffiti Recruitment is aiming to address this shortfall and tap into the rich IT skills resource in Northern Ireland.

Part of the entrepreneurial community based at Innovation Factory on the Springfield Road, Belfast, the recruitment firm recognises the growing opportunities created in Northern Ireland by ongoing investment in emerging technologies.

To tackle the skills gaps, Graffiti has also begun working closely with the education sector and outreach groups to ensure children are well informed on career choices from an early age.

Julie McGrath, Managing Director at Graffiti Recruitment, highlighted why some people can be more hesitant when choosing a career in specialist IT and Technology, and emphasises the importance of educating young people:

“Twenty or thirty years ago, young people were influenced a lot more by their parents, who often encouraged them to aim for jobs such as doctors, nurses, teachers, professions that were considered ‘good jobs’ before the onset of the internet and technology boom. As a result, we now find there is a shortage of IT and technology professionals – a sector which is growing rapidly, and offers exciting career prospects.

“We are delivering various programmes that with help educate and influence children on the current jobs trends and developments in technology. Knowing what jobs are available and how the market place will develop overtime will help open their eyes to jobs that are in demand. We have already given careers advice to young people at 15 and 16 years old, but at Graffiti Recruitment we believe in the need to educate children from as young as six and seven. Recognising and encouraging children’s interest in STEM subjects from an early age will allow them to be well informed as they develop through their education and into employment.”

Majella Barkley, Innovation Director at Innovation Factory, praised how Graffiti Recruitment had shown a desire to innovate and create new services and initiatives such as its inspiring education programme. She said:  “Innovation Factory supports all of its customers; from virtual office customers to those that have a private office space like Graffiti, we provide a business mentoring service and guide them to achieve business innovation and growth. It’s really exciting to see Graffiti making use of these services and excelling in their industry.”

Julie added: “The support we have received from the Innovation Factory has been essential to our growth over the last couple of months; providing us with a stimulating working environment and professional space to meet clients, opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded technology experts, as well as introductions to new candidates and clients. We can’t recommend Innovation Factory enough.”

The Innovation Factory is owned by Belfast City Council and managed on their behalf by Oxford Innovation. The £9.1m business hub was part funded by Belfast City Council, Invest NI and the European Regional Development Fund under the Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland (2007-2013). Customers include a range of start-ups and growing businesses in a variety of sectors including digital services, creative industries, business services, financial services and research and development.

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