Why businesses still need printers

| February 8, 2018

printersFor decades, the phrase paper free has been uttered in revered tones among businesses – it is seen almost as some kind of utopia, an ideal world where pens, paper and printers are consigned to the pages of history. Yet walk into any office and you will still see plenty of files and letters. While the printer might not be as busy as it used to be, it still has plenty to do.

Does this mean we are failing? Not necessarily. Reducing our reliance on paper is without doubt a good thing – it reduces admin, cuts the need for filing space and saves trees. But while reducing usage is great, and cutting costs by shopping around and buying cheap ink cartridges for HP printers definitely makes sense, perhaps the obsession with eliminating paper entirely is not such a healthy thing.

 Here are five reasons businesses still need their trusty printers to add value and provide a competitive edge in the 2018 business environment.


There are numerous software solutions that allow us to annotate documents during meetings. But when we are honest with ourselves, none are as convenient as having a print out to hand that we can jot notes onto. We also read documents more carefully when they are on paper in front of us, with the eye having a tendency to skim across whatever is on screen.


We all know that any contract or agreement needs to be signed in order to be binding. Sometimes, it also has to be witnessed and even notarised. The concept of electronic signatures has been around for some time, and there are even software firms that advertise their e-signature products as being more secure than a handwritten signature. However, the legal strength has yet to be truly explored. Unless you want to become a test case for the legal system, you can’t beat putting pen to paper to seal the deal.


This is the age of digital marketing, and businesses spend more time and effort on their online presence than ever. However, that does not mean that other areas of marketing are suddenly obsolete. Printed media, including catalogues, flyers and brochures, make a deeper, longer-lasting impact on buyers and potential customers than the content of a web page. The thing about the internet is there is simply so much of it. Visitors have a tendency to forget a given website the moment they have left it.

Not everyone is ready

Finally, it is one thing to herald the digital age, and talk about the fact that everyone from small children to their nonagenarian great grandparents is online these days. But that is simply not true. Some people are more comfortable working with paper than a screen – and it is not just those of older generations who cannot “move with the times.” It even applies to some businesses as a whole, who prefer to receive invoices and purchase orders on paper. Whether you operate in the B2B or B2C space, you need to give customers what they want. And that means hanging onto your printers for the foreseeable future.

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