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Why your Business Needs Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site RecoveryIT disasters strike everyone, sooner or later. In today’s world, it’s not a matter of if an IT disaster will strike, but when. Which is why you should consider Azure Site Recovery.

Disasters come in many forms but generally fall into three main categories: operational failures such as power failures and IT hardware failures, natural disasters like floods or fires, and human-caused events including errors and malicious activities. Disasters like these can cripple an organisation.

Are you prepared for this with a business continuity plan which includes disaster recovery for your major IT systems? If not, don’t worry. Azure Site Recovery Services can help.

How can Azure Site Recovery Help?

Azure Site Recovery is a powerful Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solution that can help your organisation keep its valuable data protected and recoverable

Here’s what Azure Site Recovery Offers Your Business

Simplify your disaster recovery protection by replicating to Azure and still benefit from the simplicity, automation, customizable recovery plans, health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery that Azure Site Recovery provides.

  1. Cost Effective Disaster Recovery in the cloud

You can replicate to a secondary on-premise site, or to Azure. Using Azure as a destination for disaster recovery eliminates the complexity as well as the cost of maintaining a secondary data centre. Replicated data is stored in Azure Storage, with all the resilience that provides. With Azure Site Recovery, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your environment is fully protected.

  1. Continuous Health Monitoring

Monitor the state of your protected data continuously and remotely with Azure Site Recovery. It can identify any issues via email notifications to allow constant and automated protection.

  1. Easy Replication Testing Without Any Disruption

With Azure Site Recovery, you can test your disaster plan without any impact to your primary production workload or to ongoing replication. You can run test failovers to support disaster recovery drills. You can run unplanned failovers for unexpected disasters with minimum data loss or planned failovers for expected disasters with zero data loss. After failover, you can failback to your primary site.

  1. Orchestrated Recovery

Use Azure Site Recovery to automate the recovery of services when a site outage happens at the primary data centre. The longer it takes to recover the more downtime and cost to the business. Azure Site Recovery will automatically orchestrate the process to restore services quickly using your pre-determined sequence so you can be working again in no time.

Let P2V Systems Help You with Your Disaster Recovery Solutions

We understand that Disaster Recovery planning can be overwhelming. P2V Systems works with organisations like yours to help you with adequate disaster recovery planning. Why not start today with a complimentary Azure Site Recovery demo to get your questions answered and learn how you can utilize our expertise for your Disaster Recovery planning?

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