BMFN ltd founder Pavel Belogour spoke about the future of investment technologies

From the exclusive interview of a well-known investor Paul Belogour, you will learn about the latest trends in investing and Forex market.

Q: Mr. Belogour, tell us how did you come to start developing your own investment technologies?

A: This decision was one of the key points for the development of our investment company. We were tired to face constant problems in the software that we used before. You should understand that trading technology is a system with a very complex architecture. Therefore, the development of own software is a very time-consuming process, requiring considerable efforts. In this area there is always a place for growth, there are always things that can be made more convenient for both brokers and investors. I believe that we made the absolutely right decision to go our own way and make the maintenance of our business as comfortable as possible with our own licensed applications.

Q: How can you comment on the current situation in the investment technologies field?

A: With my vast experience in this field, I can say that the market of such technologies is rather conservative. This can be explained by the fact that the development of investment technologies requires substantial costs, both material and intellectual. Recently, nothing extraordinary has happened in the trade technology industry, no one has achieved a significant technological breakthrough. We visited dozens of trading exhibitions around the world and saw the same solutions everywhere. This was also one of the reasons for starting our own development. Our company is determined to stir up the market and fill a free niche with a quality product.

Q: Mr. Belogour, what are the key points for the development of trading technologies in your opinion?

A: I learned everything from my mistakes, and now I want other people not to repeat them. I spent as many as 2 years in all my legal preparation and obtaining the necessary permits when I founded my first company. This, of course, is very much. Modern investment platforms should help the user to do everything in the shortest possible time, have a user-friendly interface and of course have high-quality IT support services at any time. All of this will help maximize profits.

Q: I think all our readers want to know more about the products you are developing. Please tell us the details.

A: Our product is a trading platform of a new generation, which really has no analogs now. I cannot disclose all of its functions and advantages before the official release, but it is planned for the near future, so you will have to wait quite a bit, like all our customers. The only thing I want to point out is that our new solution goes far ahead of all competitors. We used all our experience in technology projects, including in the Asian markets, and were able to create a platform that can withstand any pressure. The simultaneous stable operation of thousands of brokers and investors in one application is already a reality.

Q: Well, the last question for today. Pavel Belogour, tell us, how do you see the future of investment and trading technologies?

A: The rapid development of mobile technology dictates its conditions to us. Flexibility and reliability are what modern users need. Everything should happen literally on the fly. Our industry should not stand still; it should keep up with the times. I see the future for complex systems that will combine a simple and user-friendly interface, stable operation in any environment, while providing access to all the necessary solutions and a wide range of tools. I repeat, investment technologies should not lag behind the progress in all other areas.

Q; Paul Belogour, thank you very much for the fact that you were able to postpone your business for a while and find time for an interview in your busy schedule. Good luck in your future endeavors!

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