Best NetEnt Slot Site games to play

What does it make a Casino game a very good one? Is it the graphics? Or are the sound effects? Perhaps the range of possible stakes we can bet. Or, maybe, a combination of all these characteristics.

A game isn’t good or bad for a single reason, there are always positive aspects and negative aspects, then limiting the judgement to only one feature or “technical characteristic” is wrong.

Here we are a list of the best Slot Machines from NetEnt, and the evaluation comes from the analysis of the most important parameters: the RTP, the graphics, the stakes and the winning combinations.

Before we start, it is very important to specify that this isn’t a scientific analysis but a mixture of math and preferences.

NetEnt has a very long history in producing Casino Games, and Slot Machines have rapidly become its strong point.

Here it is a list of 4 video Machines which, in our opinion, have earned the top positions in the list. It is up to you to decide which one is the best on this list from top online gambling websites..

Motorhead Slot – One of NetEnts best

Almost 97% of RTP (96,98) and the very clear and detailed graphics make this Rock Slot almost perfect for those who don’t love frills.

The Max bet can reach 200€ and the two features, Mystery Reel Feature and Bomber Feature give to this Game all the elements to be considered for sure one of the most rewarding one. If you love Rock Music, then you will be even more satisfied reading about the next one on the list.

Guns n Roses Video Slot

Multiple choices and the real atmosphere of a live concert, this is the scenario when you run this super rock Slot. The sound track can be selected by the players. A list of the most popular and famous songs of the superb Guns n Roses will accompany your entire journey.

The RTP is crazy, 96,98%. The Graphics will make you feel part of the show. The Max bet can be set to 200€, and a bunch of extra features which will drive you crazy.

The Bonus wheel, the Crowed-Pleaser Bonus, the Encore Free Spins and the Appetite for Destruction Wild. The Solo multiplier is just an extra among the extra. What do you want more? Don’t miss the opportunity to Rock yourself.

Planet of the Apes Online Slot

Apparently, the human beings descend from the apes. This scientific declaration has inspired Tim Barton in directing a series of amazing movies.

This game will make you live again two of the most appreciated chapters of the movie, Raise and Dawn.

Very peculiar one, which appears immediately different than all the others. Two opposite scenarios where the Players can win, singularly or simultaneously.

The RTP is 96,33%, no jokes around here, and the Max bet is in line with previous ones, 200€. The graphics recalls the main characters of the movies. The Dual Feature, the Rise bonus, the Dawn Bonus and Staked Bonus are just a few amazing characteristics of this inspiring game.

Emoji Planet Slot

The Emojis have become very important in everyday communication. For example, when we chat with someone and we simply want to express our feeling.

Thanks to Emoji Planet, you will always smile. Do not be fooled by the colorful graphics and the cheerfulness of the sound effects, this is a very serious game. The RTP is 96,48 and the Max bet is 200€. Six Reels with the Avalanche mode which can reward you with a bunch of winning combination and extra features.

Emoji Feature, Bomb, Pizza, Kiss Mark, Rocket Feature and Two Hearts. Be prepared for this super cool world.

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