Moment Health to make maternal health mainstream

| January 15, 2018

Moment HealthWhilst today is traditionally known as ‘Blue Monday’, the day dubbed the most depressing day of the year, we are celebrating one of our Top 40 Under 40 business people, Nuala Murphy, CEO of Moment Health, the Belfast tech company established to tackle maternal mental health.

2017 was a whirlwind for the Belfast company that welcomed Sarah Friar, Northern Ireland born CFO of Square and board member of tech giant Slack, as an advisor.  CEO Nuala worked hard along with the team and board to bring the first innovation to the market..

Moment Health offers early intervention to pre and post natal depression and anxieties and the company is set to tackle maternal mental health and make it mainstream.  Backed by research and scientifically proven, there is an 80-90% of a full recovery from mental ill health through early intervention. The first innovation, the Moment Health App, is being piloted by a global firm in Belfast (with huge interest from the rest of the UK, Ireland and further a field) that recognises their staff are their biggest asset and, due to significant results from early research, a clinical trial has been announced with Ulster University with a funded PhD position being recruited currently.

Nuala says: “The board and I are preparing for our seed investment round. Last year I secured early stage investment from techstartni to build the team and bring our first product to market, and their support along with the board has been key in preparing us for the next stage.”

Developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals, and tested with lived survivors and a community of supporters, the product market fit was determined before the first line of code was written, reflected in the success to date.

Nuala said: “Although the app has been developed to prioritise maternal mental health, it includes features to better the lives of mums and dads who all deserve the opportunity to recognise if they are suffering from a TREATABLE illness and where to get help.”

Mental health absenteeism has increased by 5% since 2009 and 300,000 people a year are leaving their jobs due to long term mental health conditions, according to a review into mental health in the workplace commissioned by Prime Minister Theresa May in late 2017.

It is estimated that mental health issues are the number one cause of sick days in the UK, at a cost to the economy of £35 billion a year, though it is estimated as many as 95% of people give a different excuse to hide their mental health problems from their employer.

With recent research from King’s College London confirming 1 in 4 women suffer from maternal mental ill health in pregnancy this enables employers to safeguard the mental health of their female staff at this stage of their careers.

Businesses can incorporate the benefits of Moment Health into the organisation’s wellness programme or it can be offered as a stand alone support tool. Moment Health can pre-empt potential absences and speed up recovery by connecting new mothers with the knowledge they need to faster, long term recovery from postnatal depression and associated anxieties.

Nuala added: “Maternal mental health in the workplace is everyone’s business whether treating ill health of the employees or promoting the importance of sustaining good mental health. Providing support to those who need it is not only the right thing to do for people but it is better for business. There has never been a more critical time to ask if your female employees need support during their pregnancy, maternity leave or when they return to work.”

Moment Health can integrate with your organisation’s current systems or can be supplied direct. If you value your staff and would like to consider how Moment Health can help your business, contact the team at Moment Health via [email protected].

Moment Health app is available now to download free from

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