Autoline’s ChilliDrive App Major Upgrade

Autoline Insurance has launched exciting features to its new and improved ChilliDrive young driver insurance product, further supporting its commitment to road safety.

Autoline was one of the first insurance companies globally to introduce smartphone technology to an insurance policy in 2012. With the continued focus on innovation and safety, new ChilliDrive customers can now benefit from an optional dashcam product integration. The new app monitors location, speed, dates and times of every journey and records footage in the event of an accident, which is automatically sent to insurers with no user intervention required.

 Autoline has partnered with MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation (MDT), the world’s largest dashcam manufacturer, and UK InsurTech company, Inzura, to introduce the new technology.

 The combination of the app and dash cam offer added protection for drivers. The dashcam automatically starts recording in the event of an incident whilst driving, capturing the moment of impact in a collision. As well as instant access to accident footage, which is backed up on the customer’s smartphone, the new ChilliDrive offering includes driver assistance features such as lane departure alerts, forward collision warning systems and fatigue alerts. For the first time the technology can automatically provide FNOL (first notification of loss) to the insurer, without the need for user interference (including accident footage), solving one of the insurance industry’s biggest challenges with existing telematics products. 

 The new ChilliDrive product continues to place customer support at the core of its offering. With a sophisticated, intuitive design, the app upgrades include a new in-app chat to allow easy access to a dedicated Support Team and enhanced Mentoring and Feedback from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

A spokesperson for the insurance broker said the significant investment in the ChilliDrive app reflected the need to continually evolve alongside the latest technological developments to improve driving standards on our roads. Julie Gibbons, Managing Director, Autoline Insurance said; “We are passionate about education around road safety and in particular the increasing role that technology can play in achieving this aim,” explained Julie.

“That’s why we launched the original ChilliDrive and also why we remain committed to continually enhancing our app in line with technological advancements.

 “In addition to being able to track and score driving behaviour, feedback is available post-journey enabling young drivers to modify behaviour and take corrective action, encouraging them to think twice about how they drive. There is also a dedicated support team that can be contacted via the app, an easy way to get advice when needed.” 


ChilliDriveRichard Jelbert, CEO at Inzura, commented; “Autoline is a great example of a motor broker of the future. It has fully embraced digital strategies to bring something entirely new and customer-centric to differentiate itself and deliver impressive insurer cost savings on their book. We are thrilled to be the InsurTech partner behind ChilliDrive.”

Steve Chang, President of MDT commented; “Mio is a worldwide well-known dashcam expert and our core value is to produce products that better people’s lives. That’s why our Mio MiVue 733™ WIFI dashcam offers a wealth of safety features so young drivers can feel safe and empowered to drive conscientiously, resulting in safer roads for all. If any incidents do occur, motorists can be confident there is proven evidence of who’s at fault and do not need to worry about liability at such an emotional time, especially for first-time drivers.”

The new and improved app has received backing from the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart. Spokesperson for the charity, Paul Woozley, commented; “IAM RoadSmart is privileged to be working with Autoline, providing hints and tips for drivers whose telematics scores indicate they could benefit from some guidance or support in developing certain aspects of their driving. 

 “Telematics provides an effective measurement of driving risk and by helping drivers develop their skills we are hopefully mitigating the risk of an incident or claim and possibly reducing their future premiums.”

The new and improved ChilliDrive app is free to download but it is only available to new customers when purchasing their policy and existing customers at the point of renewal.

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