ASG & Partners presents a prescription for a healthy brand @ Digital DNA

| June 11, 2018

ASG & PartnersThe ASG & Partners Doctors of Comms* are scrubbed up and ready to administer everything from a sticking plaster and a bit of TLC, to a full transplant operation at their drop-in Comms Clinic at this year’s Digital DNA HQ on 19-20 June at St George’s Market Belfast.  Consultant Designologist, Mr Rory Jeffers is pictured with his team of experts, (l-r) Drs Murray, Barr and Caddy.

Is there a doctor in the house? If you have a pain in your website, your sales figures are looking a bit sickly or you have a serious phobia of social media (Latin name twitteritis-snapchatophobia), fear not: ASG & Partners is bringing Doctors of Comms* to run a drop-in Comms Clinic at this year’s Digital DNA HQ on 19-20 June at St George’s Market Belfast.

Whether it’s an accident, an emergency or your marketing is just feeling a bit run down, ASG is bringing a team of communications experts to Ireland’s leading business and technology event to offer some marketing first aid.

Visitors to Digital DNA can drop-in to the Clinic, hop up on the couch and the ASG Comms Docs will listen to their ailments and offer some free advice to whip your business ailments back into tip-top health.  The team will be available for outpatient appointments on both days of Digital DNA and will be offering free prescriptions to those hoping to make their marketing feel better.

For advance Clinic bookings and general enquiries, the ASG team can be contacted at [email protected] or simply drop by for a quick consult when you’re passing their A&E on Stand 22 at Digital DNA.

*Public health disclaimer, not one of us is medically qualified.

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