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How to maximise the value of your Business First Online Package

Business First magazine logo hi resHow to maximise the value of your Business First Online Package

So you’re considering using Business First’s Online Package to build your company profile in the lucrative Northern Ireland B2B Market. You know working with Business First will help you build a relationship with over 7,000 businesses every month via the website and social media platforms – but how can you take full advantage of the opportunity?

Very few small businesses have the luxury of an advertising budget that is sufficient to achieve any real impact. Dripfeed-marketing via Business First is not only a viable alternative, used wisely it can reap greater rewards over a more sustained period.

And, you only have to call us on 9147 2119 anytime and ask for ideas and assistance – but here are some top ideas to help get your thoughts focused.

Classic opportunities to publicise your business

First off – using Business First is not a passive decision. When you take the Business First Package you are committing to promoting your business regularly.

You can submit contributions as often as you like – but if you aim for once a month and develop a strategy to ensure you keep the flow of articles coming, you will be a long way down the road to a successful drip-marketing strategy.

And everything is a story: the launch of a new product, a move to new premises, the appointment of new staff, a large order or a milestone event – these are all classic opportunities to write an article and profile your business.

You’ve got to make your announcement special. If you’re moving premises for instance, hold an opening event and invite local celebrities and politicians. If you have a new member of staff, give their appointment a human-interest angle – focus on their amazing marathon running or charity work, for example. Create a photo opportunity to launch a new product by holding an event in an unusual (but relevant) location. In fact, always create a photo opportunity. You don’t need fancy equipment – a good quality digital camera and some imagination will do the trick.

One of the most effective ways to get press coverage is to position your product or service as a problem-solver. Take P2V Systems, for example. They regularly provide Business First readers with problem-solving articles and reasons they should use P2V Systems without being too pushy.

So always remember that your contributions should provide value to the reader and not be overly self-promoting. Give your editorials integrity and credibility by providing useful information for the reader and embedding links back to your website where you can: be creative!

Become a Business First Thought Leader – power marketing

You have a unique area of expertise. Your knowledge of a business sector is of value to Business First readers – so be sure to include some Thought Leadership pieces in your 12 month strategy.

As an example, reader this article Developing a strong employer brand from ASG Recruitment. In it Emma Murray, General Manager, ASG Recruitment provides loads of useful information for readers without over promoting her business. But with a picture and links back to her website, Emma has positioned herself as a Thought Leader and will be a respected commentator in her area of expertise: powerful, powerful marketing!

Keep your plan simple and achievable – but have a plan!

You’ve signed up to a 12 month Business First plan and you’ve decided to submit an article every month. Brilliant!

But before you go any further, please take a moment to decide what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it.

Most of our clients are using Business First to build their profile and develop a conversation with the 7,000+ Northern Ireland businesses who engage with us online every month via the website or social media.

The most successful users of Business First draw up a 12 month plan based on what they know is going to be happening ( a change of office, attending an exhibition, a particular annual event) and other areas they can write about. Then they write dates into their diary and make sure the contributions are with us at a time in the month that is best for them.

Here’s an example of a successful Business First Online Strategy

Reason for using Business First: To build our profile in the Northern Ireland B2B Market by providing a selection of Thought Leadership and PR contributions

Desired Outcome: To increase our credibility with existing customers and achieve 25 links to our website from our contributions to Business First every month

Draft Calendar – contributions to be delivered by 15th of each month

  • January – Thought Leadership on what readers should be considering for successful year
  • February – Announcing launch of new website
  • March – Announcing new staff since beginning of year
  • April – Thought Leadership piece on how the Budget will affect businesses based around our area of expertise
  • May – Thought Leadership piece based on a service/product we need to promote
  • June – Top Tips piece on how our products/services can best be utilised
  • July – Nothing this month
  • August – Light personal blog piece on an area of interest
  • September – Thought Leadership piece based on a service/product we need to promote
  • October – Announcement of launch event for new product
  • November – TBD
  • December – Thought Leadership piece on round-up of how the year has been within the sector

Your Outcomes and Calendar will be different – but as long as they are a part of a cohesive marketing strategy, they’ll work for you.

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