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Suzuki Swift Altitude

The current shape Suzuki Swift has been on the road for just about two years now. It is an attractive car and in many ways a happy looking car, well, that is what it is, a sassy supermini with an eye fun.

Historically, the special-edition supermini has been a strong performer for Suzuki, hopes for this new one are high off the back of that previous success., Suzuki expects the Attitude to account for as much as 40% of all Swift sales in the UK over the next year or so.

The Attitude is based on mid-level SZ-T trim but adds a more athletic body kit, 16in alloy wheels (without the need for alloy wheel repair), a new spoiler and a mesh front grille similar to the Suzuki Swift Sport. The Swift  Attitude’s power comes from the naturally aspirated 1.2-litre Dualjet from the entry-level SZ-3 model, driving the front wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox. The Engine is a free reving unit and offers 89BHP, it doesn’t sound that quick, but the Swift Attitude weighs very little so it has more than enough power for a city supermini and is light on its feet. Economy is quoted by Suzuki as 51 mpg, and I found that figure very realistic after a week of varied journeys.

Suzuki Swift Swifts are generally known for being entertaining, and the Attitude is no different., with no mechanical changes made to its chassis, suspension or steering, the accomplished chassis does not disappoint steering is reasonably light a twist of the wheel results in a pleasingly enthusiastic response from the Swift’s front end. Add a short wheelbase and that low kerb weight into the mix, and the result is a supermini that feels pleasingly agile.

It lets you get away with quite a lot, too. You can throw it into a series of corners at the last minute – and the Swift won’t bite you. It feels as if  The Swift enjoys the road. The Interior is very well put together with the usual Suzuki build quality, and it will last for years. Plenty of space for a driver and three passengers with adequate luggage space behind the rear seats.

Suzuki Swifts for some reason are often overlooked by buyers of Superminis; most will agree that is a mistake as the Swift Altitude is awash with character and charisma, add to that Suzuki’s enviable reliability record and The Swift will always be worth a good look.

Prices start £14,599.