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Supercar Golf

The Golf GTI  is still looked upon as probably the best hot hatchback on the road, maybe not in outright performance, but certainly as the most complete and competent Hot hatch, It does everything from a family runabout to high-speed cross country road trip with ease and class.

Sounding like a radio station, but named after the touring car racing version of the Golf, the TCR features more powerful brakes than the GTI Performance has now 290bhp. As a result, it provides noticeably more top-end pace; without diminishing the very flexible power curve, in part thanks to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them shifts of its seven-speed DSG.

The latest TCR version will accelerate to 60 MPH in 5.6 seconds and is capable of 155mph, which is not far shy of Supercar performance without the fuel-guzzling of a super as the TCR returns a combined 37 miles per gallon The Chassis is the well-sorted VW Golf MK7.5 which is very capable and entertaining chassis.

Golf GTIThe engine performance is one thing, but the brakes are so good it makes the whole car feel very well balanced. The XDS mechanical limited-slip differential controls the power to the front wheels and enhances the steering, so much so that the TCR never feels anything else but stuck to the road. Now, if you are driving through slow traffic in the city, the TCR settles into a comfortable easy-going city car.

The interior is top quality spacious and a nice place to be. The TCR has a 8.0- inch colour touchscreen which all your media and navigation tech, the controls for the air/con etc. are set below it and use regular rotational switchgear which is great as sometimes you can have too much on a touchscreen and I feel it takes my attention from the road.

The Golf GTI TCR will please no matter what you use it for, it’s so capable, beautifully built and take it anywhere it will fit in.

Prices starting from £34,085.