O 11 and 11 O Pair of Plates Find a New Home

Speedy regBack in 1903 the plate O 11 was issued in Birmingham as the 11th car to be registered in that area. That must have been pretty amazing, driving around Birmingham with only 10 other cars on the road!

Our Director Des recently owned both O 11 and 11 O plates. He didn’t actually have them from new, he’s not actually THAT old. But the time came recently for this fab matching pair to make their journey to new owners and Des sold the plates last month for a fab five figure sum!

So any number plate spotters in Fermanagh won’t be seeing this pair any more, at least not in Northern Ireland as they’ve gone back home to the mainland, perhaps one day they’ll be seen in their home town of Birmingham! That would be rather like driving a car with  an IL 1 plate here in Fermanagh as that was the first ever plate issued here.

Poor Des was quite sad to see these prestige plates go. I’m sure I caught him with a tear in his eye. He said it was a speck of dust but I’m not so sure.

We think these are amazing plates and especially brilliant if you have them both on your vehicles. They look amazing next to each other.

We hope the new owner gets many years of joy out of them. They’ve also made a wise investment as plates are very good at keeping their value and even growing in value, and we expect this pair to always be valuable as they are just so attractive.

If you’ve never thought about private plates as an investment then it’s certainly something worth looking into. These days you don’t get much of a return when you put your spare cash in the bank. Shares can be risky, so where do you put your money? Well private plates are a really savvy option. They have a brilliant track record for being a wise investment. Of course you might want to buy several plates and you may not have several vehicles to put them on. That’s no problem, we can simply put your plates on a retention certificate for you. Just let us know when you make your purchase, we don’t charge any extra for this service.

Looking for a plate that would be a great investment can be a lot of fun. Any plate is a good investment, but if you could predict the next big trend, you could be on to a real money maker. Imagine if you’d bought a plate with the name of a band that later topped the charts, or a you had a tip off about an upcoming film and it ended up being a massive blockbuster?

Why not get your thinking caps on and invest your savings in something more fun. Of course, you can always use your investment plate until you’re ready to sell it. You may as well enjoy it while you’re waiting!

You’ll find a wide range of prestige personalised plates for sale at SpeedyReg.co.uk



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