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Grandland X – Vauxhall’s brave new future.

Grandland Xby BF Motoring Correspondent, Ian Beasant.

It was inevitable that Vauxhall would sooner or later move in the large SUV market or battlefield as manufactures jostle for sales in the ever increasing demand for SUV’s.

In today’s Market where more and more buyers are attracted by SUV’s the New Grandland will fill that void. The Grandland is based on the Peugeot 3008 and since the French PSA group acquired Vauxhall last year I think this crossover will be the first of many vehicles that are based on a PSA platform and badged as a Vauxhall.

It can work very well if the manufacturer can take the best from both brands and still keep the identity alive enough to retain and attract customers.

The Grandland X comes with either a 1.6 diesel engine or a Peugeot sourced petrol engine is a 1.2-litre turbo unit with 130PS that officially claims up to 62mpg extra-urban efficiency, this is the engine that was fitted to my test vehicle.

Apart from a bit of Turbo lag the engine was surprisingly good as it is a match for the rather big body shell it is pulling , The six –speed manual gearbox keeps the engine on the boil and despite the little 3-cylinder sounding a little out of breath it does cope very well. I am a little unsure about the claimed fuel economy figures of 60 plus miles per gallon as I recorded an impressive 45 mpg over a week of all types of driving.

Grandland XThe Grandland X is not fitted with 4 – wheel but it can take on a range of surfaces particularly with optional electronic Grip Control that ensures traction in diverse driving situations.

This is a system that comes from the Peugeot side of the garage and with the recent snow and ice worked extremely well.

You have a choice of five driving modes, for each one the system adapts the torque distribution to the front wheels, allows wheel-spin if necessary, and, with the automatic transmission, adjusts shift points as well as throttle response.

The Grandland X looks sharp and moderately sporty, it’s easy identified as a Vauxhall with the Griffin (Vauxhall badge) displayed in the front grill

The inside, is well laid out and has plenty of space for a driver and 4 passengers, The all –round visibility is good as you sit quite elevated. The driver is well catered for with an excellent easy to find comfortable driving position. The Grandland X is certainly a nice and easy vehicle to live with, for those who enjoy the Vauxhall brand it will be a popular choice and a good choice at that.

Prices start at £22,310 .