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Electing to be a family business: Elect Chauffeurs

elect chauffeurBelfast based Elect Chauffeurs is a corporate chauffeur service based in Hannahstown, Belfast. Elect has been a family business since the beginning. With both father and son licensed chauffeurs, Gerard McCabe Jnr and his father Gerard Snr are two of the company’s six full time chauffeurs.

Starting off with one car and gradually gaining more clients, today Elect has a fleet of six luxury vehicles and up to thirty on standby for larger events and busy months.

Elect’s work brings them to all corners of Ireland from Belfast, including the Giant’s Causeway, Shannon, Dublin, Cork and Galway. Serving a wide range of clients including governments, private clients and corporate clients, Elect is one of the leading corporate chauffeur services across the island and has grown a reputation for excellence.

Though everything isn’t always smooth sailing when you run a small family business, notes Gerard Jnr, “We found ourselves trying to do everything and when that means you’re the owner, chauffeur, marketing department, accounts and doing all the driving it can be difficult to get everything done. That’s why we’ve learned to bring in people who know what they are doing and let them get on with it… I think that may be why so many family businesses have trouble because they don’t learn that lesson quick enough”

“We’ve been extremely lucky through hard work and perseverance we’ve won some very special contracts and government tenders. It’s helped our business hugely and helped us to grow into a fleet of six today. We have some great partners also who complement our fleet when we are busy, and we’re tremendously grateful for their hard work as without them we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do.” said Gerard Jnr

“There are those who say family business can be trouble, but we’ve found it to be great for business…people really value family businesses differently to big corporations” said Gerard Jnr

So, would you recommend going into business with family?

“Absolutely” said Gerard Jnr, “being in business with family has been a great experience. With our recent growth we started to bring on employees from outside the family, so it’s an exciting time for our business considering we started with one car and one client!”

Whether it’s an awards ceremony, a company executive attending meetings, a private wedding, a private day tour, financial roadshow, or a busy executive going to the airport to jet on international business, the standards remain the same. The idea is that you take care of your business, and we’ll take care of you.

Ensuring that our fleet meets all of the regulations when it comes to licensing and operating standards is important. Like many businesses, we have licence standards we need to maintain for our Class C Driver & Vehicle Agency Operator’s licence. This ensures that all of our vehicles are fully licensed, insured and regulated for the safety of our passengers and clients.

For more information please visit electchauffeurs.com