Mobile App Insights: What can make your app more successful?

There are many apps flooding mobile app stores because many businesses have realised the importance of mobile apps. This has caused the app market to become increasingly competitive.

Therefore, any apps that come into the market need to make sure that they are optimising the use of any tools they have available for their app to stand out in such a saturated market. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your app is successful, such as:

Keep your app simple

In order for users to have a good experience when using your app, it should not be difficult to use. Things that should be taken into account when doing this is the design of your app, if it flows easily, if all features will be used and so on. A simple app, user-friendly app will attract more users.

Consider the platform

An app that is available on more than one platform allows for a greater chance that your app will become more popular as it will available to a larger audience. The most popular platforms are iOS and Android. A great example of this is the mFortune bingo app, which is available on both iOS and Android, and is tailored to each platform individually.


This is essential as it will draw traffic to your app. A recommendation for marketing an app is to plan it in 3 phases, before the launch, during the launch and after the launch. It is important to not only advertise within the app stores, but on other social media or search platforms as well. Increasing the visibility of your app will also increase downloads since it will be one of the first thing users see when searching for apps.

Allow for feedback

Allowing a space for user feedback is a great way to improve your app and to allow for users to give input for what they want from your app. It decreases the chances of having a negative user experience and also prevents negative reviews as it allows users to express their feelings and views to your company personally. In order for your feedback to be used successfully, ensure that it is easy to navigate and has a quick response time.

Keep track of app analytics

Keeping track of your app analytics will give you an objective review on your app. Data from this can be used to monitor the usage and success of your app, while also showing you areas that your app can be improved. It will also track things like user engagement and while optimising any future strategies that could be put into place.

There are many ways in which to ensure that your app will be successful and implementing some of these steps will improve the chances of a successful app. There are many apps that have implemented these concepts to ensure a positive user experience as well as to maximise the app’s long term prosperity in the market place.

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