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In the latest review from Amazing Cars & Drives, we test drove a car which is perhaps more suited to the summer months: the glorious Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS Coupe. More streamlined and sexier than ever before, the sleek coupe comes as a worthy successor to AMG’s former SLS supercar.

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In the latest GTS Coupe, we see a model that comes as a streamlined and reshaped improvement on its predecessor. However, AMG’s new vision for their leading coupe makes no compromises on the dramatic appearance which made the previous model so popular. The extended bonnet adds to the coupe’s classically imposing appearance, whilst a chunky grill and large AMG logo at the front of the vehicle create the exterior impression of classic muscle car.

Whilst the car is notably streamlined and equipped with only 3 doors, the space to be found inside the new coupe is extremely impressive, comparable to the offering of Mercedes-Benz’ latest output of estate-style models. Ample leg and head room is complemented by a gorgeous interior design which includes a pristine finish over the car’s huge offering of electronic features.


At Amazing Cars & Drives, we loved the interior of the AMG Coupe – so much so that we highlight it as the main selling point of the car. High-quality leather upholstery adorns the front and back of the car; and, whilst we also see aluminium and carbon fibre finishing, the option also exists to install custom switchgears. A recommended extra for the GTS Coupe, a choice of custom switchgear can be made to coordinate with your choice of exterior colour. A fully customisable interior combined with truly immaculate finishing make the GTS Couple a superior vehicle when compared to leading models such as the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8.

The luxurious and aesthetically pleasing interior is matched by a driving experience which is highly convenient. The vehicle’s lushly-upholstered sports seating and steering wheel are both fully adjustable. Meanwhile, the award-winning infotainment system within the vehicle comes loaded with a huge variety of personalisation and assisted driving features. The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system comes as one of the most advanced voice assistant technologies we have ever seen, either in a handheld device or a car. The range of functions that can be voice-determined is huge: radio stations and heating can be changed by voice, whilst the system allows for personalisation of the car’s internal ambient lighting system.

The car’s ambient lighting system is worthy of note in its own right. Laid across the edge of the car’s interior, a bar of light is customisable according to the MBUX system’s internal colour wheel. There are dozens of colours to choose from – we went for yellow, which really brought together the aesthetics of the car.

Whilst space isn’t compromised in the driver or passenger areas of the car, we do see some slight space reductions in the boot. Unfortunately, boot space is significantly reduced compared to previous AMG Coupes. However, this has been mitigated by a roomier passenger area and lengthy, streamlined bonnet. For many drivers, the truly gorgeous interior may sweeten the deal.

Performance-wise, the GTS Couple is a winner. The twin-turbo V8 engine takes no prisoners, with its 462 horsepower lifting the car to speeds of 60mph in an impressive 3.8 seconds. The car boasts a top speed of 192 mph and adjustable exhaust flaps even allow the driver to customise the sound of the car. We really liked this feature, which should be more popular with the more exuberant drivers on our roads.

Taking the car onto the road, we were impressed with a smooth, convenient and enjoyable driving experience. Sturdy yet agile, the GTS Coupe’s suspension feels strong without sacrificing comfort. A strong rival to popular choices such as the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8, the AMG Coupe packs a punch.

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