Social Media Round Up: Super Bowl? We’ll let you decide

1387357601_1388401138Ahhh January, that ugly month, the one that nobody likes, the one where we become a nation of hermits, willing on the end of the month, and then like a beacon to tell us that we are nearly there, along comes the Super Bowl.

Yes, that bastion of all things American and the pinnacle when it comes to TV advertising. Or so it was. These days the battle takes place on YouTube long before the teams even get to the stadium.

Time was when the airtime budgets excluded most advertisers from getting a piece of the action but in recent years, the Super Bowl has become it’s own creative championship, with clear winners and losers, an advertising super cup with everything at stake.

So without further ado, here are some of the highlights. If you don’t want to know the scores…look away now.

First up we have one of of the heavy hitters in advertising greatness, Volkswagen with their ‘Wings’ advert. Playing on deep seated fairytale ideas, this is a tongue in cheek look at the quality of the German engineering and the longevity of their cars.

Rivals Audi, not wanting to be outdone, have produced their own humorous advert for their new A3 model featuring the Doberhuahua, illustrating their all things to all people concept for the new car. Look out for a cameo from singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan.


Cheerios have gone down the emotional route this year, with their ad, ‘Gracie’ producing a simple yet effective tug on familial heartstrings.

Coca-Cola have produced ‘Coca-Cola — Going All The Way’ featuring a young American Football player, Adrian, proving his doubters and himself wrong. Soundtracked by House of Pain’s Jump Around, this feel-good factor advert feels like it under delivers, a little too ‘by the numbers’.

And so, to the big winner this year, Budweiser. Oh Budweiser, why did you do this to us? Their #BestBuds leaves you feeling like you just watched a childhood film, heart-warming and full of goodness. No cold flowing amber liquid in sight, this will be the one that you see all over Facebook for days. Pass the tissues.






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