Are you saying something new?

As consumers, we are always looking for the next best thing that will make our lives better, easier and/or healthier (to name just a few).

We only need to go to the supermarket to see how this pursuit of happiness manifests itself in the myriad of new products on shelf.

There are plenty of innovative products out there that inspire and encourage us to try new tastes and experiences, all in an effort to improve our lives.

However, not all brands get it right, but those that do can seize leadership, gain consumer loyalty and shake up the category in the process. Much of their success is down to identifying key consumer insight that unlocks not just the product development itself, but also the communication approach.

Rules of engagement

Harnessed by good consumer insight, three core examples to successfully launch a new product are:

  •  Challenge the consumer.
  • Transform the category.
  • Collaborate with the consumer. 

We have looked at recent examples of brands using these strategies to release new products in the UK market. They are all trying to say something new in a highly competitive market with some interesting communication approaches.

Challenge The Consumer – Lurpak Cook’s Range

Lurpak have entered an area that not many brands have done in the Yellow Fats category (butter, margarine and spreads). Lurpak’s new Cook’s Range claims to offer those teetering on the edge of bravery to take the path less trodden in cooking adventures through use of their new products. Through their research they found that Britain’s love of baking and cooking is still on the rise and products such as these will tap into consumers’ love of experimental cooks. Marketed as a cooking companion, they are promoted as the ’right tools to have by your side’.

Lurpak Cook's Range

This encouraging companion idea is central to the communications approach. The TV ad uses a motivational voiceover, similar to a space exploration, encouraging cooks to ‘go where no cook has ever gone before’. Digital is used to encourage, enable and reward fans by setting out new food adventure challenges, offering tips and inspiration. This level of digital media offers deeper level of engagement and encourages the audience to try new things and gain incremental insight into their views about the product.

 Instead of going up against the giants of Flora with more health-based products, Lurpak are putting forward a new style of product for this category. It is asking consumers to relook at cooking habits and consider trying something different from the norm. It’s bold and it’s fresh, but will it really take off? I sense it will with the real cooking afionados, but despite its companion style communications approach, its premium price could be a stretch for those just wanting to experiment.

Transforming The Category – Robinson SQUASH’D

Robinsons have launched their latest product SQUASH’D, as a water enhancer for an adult on-the-go consumer group. With the squash category predominantly targeting the kids market and mainly drunk in the home, this is a new audience and a new occasion. It is certainly a daring move by Robinsons to transform the category.

Robinson's Squashed Range

The adult on-the go market is one of the most hard to reach audiences through traditional media channels. So in order to show their ambition and promote the product to this new group, Robinsons have embarked on a digital experience campaign. They have produced a daring film that evokes the excitement of this new product, showcasing the ambitions the brand has for the category and consumers. To prove the drink can really be made anywhere, they tested it at zero gravity as part of its anywhere, everywhere positioning. Pushing the boundary is as much about the communication approach as is the product development itself.

Zero G SQUASH'D by Gravity VFX Oscar winners Framestore

Collaboration With Consumer – Walkers Do Us A Flavour

Walkers have resurrected their successful ‘Do Us A Flavour’ campaign in early 2014. It is a classic example of co-creation of new products. Based on the company’s ethos of creating great flavour, Walkers created the initiative to give the power back to the consumer and capture the heart of the nation, by inviting the public to create the next great flavour of Walker Crisps. By empowering consumers they strengthened their loyalty and truly inspired people to get involved.

Walker's Image

In conclusion, keep being curious, challenge the status quo, but ultimately be a good listener. Aligning your communication strategy closely to the new product’s core attributes will help to cut through and ensure your message has integrity. Always be thinking “Are you saying something new?”


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