Learning Mole Visits Outer Space

In the latest educational extravaganza with Learning Mole, we delve into the farthest corners of the galaxy to hear some of the most interesting facts about outer space. Followers of the series are treated to an inter-galactic voyage, learning about the planets of The Milky Way and one of the greatest mysteries of our universe: the birth of black holes.

Future physicists and wannabe astronauts are invited to join the space travellers of Learning Mole to learn some far-out facts about the galaxy our planet calls home. Across the video we are treated to a cosmic crash course, hearing insights into some of the delights of outer space. We visit the boiling surface of planet Venus, before travelling through the stars to the sun’s closest friend in Mercury. Even the orbiting Magellan Spacecraft Radar features in Learning Mole’s journey through the solar system.

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However, the voyage doesn’t end there. Children are invited to strap themselves in for a journey to the loneliest parts of space to learn about some of the universe’s most mysterious features: black holes. Whilst dispelling some of the most commonly asked questions about black holes, we hear about the impact of gravitational forces upon the formation of these supermassive galactic beasts, as seen in the video below. Check it out!

How are Black Holes Formed?

How are black holes formed? | Black Holes Facts | Black Holes for Kids |Black Holes Info |Black Hole

Learning Mole’s lessons in outer space join a series of colourful children’s educational materials, which are now accessible on Learning Mole’s official YouTube channel. Beyond the sun and the stars, Learning Mole’s library of free educational videos feature a series of lessons on subjects ranging from maths and science to healthy eating, English language and fine motor skills.

Established by former primary school teacher Michelle Connolly, Learning Mole creates fun and engaging educational material for children of all ages. The company offers advice and interactive ideas to help parents and educators challenge, teach, homeschool and develop their children’s skills at home. Regular stars of the show are six year-old Aaron Connolly (‘the Boss’) and four year-old James Connolly  (‘Creative Director’), sons of Michelle and the main people keeping the CEO on her toes.

Since founding LearningMole.com, Michelle Connolly has seen the company undergo great change, vastly expanding its output. Work for the company is now non-stop; creating videos on mathematics, spelling, reading, writing and more. The neat animations also feature lessons on some valuable life skills, including videos on cooking and baking – some of those things we often miss out on in school. The efforts of the team at Learning Mole have paid off, with their videos attracting thousands of views from web users across the world.

The ambitions of Learning Mole in making learning fun appear to have been realised, with video material attracting viewers from across 166 countries worldwide.

Speaking at Learning Mole offices in Belfast, Michelle Connolly spoke of some of the difficulties facing parents around their child’s education. “At Learning Mole, we appreciate that education today can be a bit of a minefield for parents. We know that the methods of learning are constantly changing, and a lot of what us parents were taught at school has been rendered obsolete. The words ‘that’s not what I learnt at school’ were what really inspired me to set up Learning Mole. We believe in high expectations – we must always be ready for our children to challenge our ways of thinking!”

Michelle brings to Learning Mole a wealth of educational experience to Learning Mole, spending 14 years as a teacher of 4-11 year-olds across the UK, Dubai and Egypt. “That’s over 2730 days of teaching! I love teaching children and we are confident that Learning Mole will assist parents and children in learning together with a smile on their face,” adds Michelle.

LearningMole is a sub brand of ProfileTree, Northern Ireland’s leading content marketing agency. To see what the power of video production can do for your business, get in touch with the team today.

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