Hobson Electronics’ bills cut by half in six months thanks to AmberGreen: VIDEO REPORT

AmberGreen Energy Northern IrelandHobson Electronics on Killyneill Road, Dungannon, are specialists in car and home electronics. The company with £100 per week electricity bills made the switch to solar earlier this year in order to cut its quarterly bills and be more environmentally friendly.

Derek Hobson, who heads the family run company, said his 6.5kW solar PV system was installed at the beginning of March in order to cut the £100 per week electricity bill and also to become more environmentally friendly.

Derek said: “We don’t really intend on selling energy back to the grid. Our aim is to reduce electricity bills and be a bit more environmentally friendly. It’s now September and we reckon our electricity bill has been cut in half. As part of our drive to become more environmentally friendly we also replaced the LED lights in our showroom so that’s saving us about 1kw per day too.

“Our roof is south east facing so it may not be the most ideal roof orientation but it is working just fine for us. We will be sitting down and going through the bills more closely but we roughly we believe our bill has been halved.”

Derek added: “We are strong believers in keeping business local. We know AmberGreen Energy are based in Northern Ireland so that was a key. We know their products are good and we also know some of the team so it was much better than having strangers coming through the door.

“We were very happy when the team came to install the solar PV panels and to see what money we have saved by generating our own electricity.”

Noel Gallagher, a director with AmberGreen, said: “Electronics companies tend to have a high electricity usage because they are powering TVs, radios, graphics and other kit during the working day. Hobson Electronics certainly have taken the right steps to generate electricity by using solar PV panels. We are delighted Mr Hobson came to us for his green energy solution.”

AmberGreen Energy is a trusted market leader in sustainable energy in Northern Ireland for small and mid-sized solar, wind and heat solutions. Providing a complete service, from consultancy through to sourcing, installation and after-care, the company uses only proven technologies, ensuring excellent returns on investments from sustainable power and heat generation.

If you would like to save money, earn additional revenue and cut your electricity bills like Hobson Electronics call today on FREEPHONE 0800 122 3838 or visit www.ambergreenenergy.co.uk.

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