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Business First Affiliate Marketing Package

Why Business First Affiliate Marketing Package

All the online marketing your clients need at a low annual cost

As a company with big plans to build successful relationships with existing and new customers you want to build your profile, extend your reach into the Northern Ireland B2B market and speak directly with decision-makers.

Your clients are also small companies with big plans to build successful relationships with existing and new customers.

Now you and your clients can benefit from the success of Business First Online in reaching and engaging with Northern Ireland business by joining us through our Affiliate Marketing Programme.

Here’s how your clients can benefit from the Business First Affiliate Marketing Programme

Each of our diverse range of corporate members has one thing in common: they want to maintain a high profile in the Northern Ireland business community. By taking full advantage of Business First as an integral part of your marketing and communications strategy, your clients can reach into the heart of Northern Ireland business every day.

By contributing regularly to Business First they can use the strength of our online presence to their fullest advantage.

Each one of your clients editorial contributions to Business First will undergo our rigorous SEO audit to ensure your business is given top priority by Google and other search engines every time – and there is never a limit to the number of contributions they can submit.

Your clients have a full range of opportunities to do so with unlimited contributions such as:

  • News items including changes of personnel and Award wins and updates.
  • Commentary from you on events of the day.
  • Contributions to our new feature we’re calling ‘The Long Read’ which allows for extended editorial contributions.
  • The opportunity to contribute to issues of our new ad hoc Business First Journalwhich will be digital publications addressing particular themes.
  • Video & Audio contributions (we can help with these if required).
  • Round Table reports and/or recordings.
  • Galleries of all events.
  • PLUSpretty much anything we can put online, we will!

What is included…

This value for money package includes:

  • Full Yoast-approved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of every uploaded contribution
  • Sharing across all of our Social Media Platforms
  • Telephone and email support to help you take full advantage of your investment
  • Cost only £425 + VAT per year

Here’s how you can benefit from the Business First Affiliate Marketing Programme

As a Business First Affiliate with clients registered on the Programme, you are guaranteed an unlimited recurring monthly income

  • Once registered and the annual fee has been paid,  you receive a payment of 30% of every subscription of every referred client for the life of their subscription. (At our present subscription rate, that’s £125 per client, per year, paid directly into your bank account!).
  • A payment of 50% of any Business First add-on your client might purchase at any time during their subscription.
  • Available to Affiliates with three or more clients registered:  FREE access to the Business First website for your business (worth £425 annually).

Please contact Gavin Walker for more details or to discuss how you can get best value from your affiliation: 028 9147 2119 or email [email protected]