Yoga and Meditation: Rania Dalloul

Rania Dalloul is a much disciplined person who trained every day, working seriously as triathlon athlete, and she has squarely placed herself as one of the top achievers. Some of her hobbies and interests include; biking, swimming, circuit training, running, TRX, running which are her favorite sporting activities which she practiced daily.

Rania Dalloul has also learnt the art of yoga and meditation which has helped her to harness and channel her energy better. She practices Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Additionally, Rania has actively participated in Sadhuguru programs which is better expressed as ‘inner engineering’. As a matter of fact, the secret of yoga is meditation.

Rania has traveled to India a dozen times and attended Sadhuguru seminars which are pro eminent and largely practiced in India. Yoga and meditation has become part of her daily life. The practiced has significantly helped her control her emotions as well as monitoring her energy. Her strong motivation in sports has been drawn from the practice of yoga and meditation. Likewise, yoga and meditation is a great contributing factor and extensively increasing her level of focus and determination. Rania Dalloul is highly convinced that no individual can attain physical training without first training the mind.

What is Meditation?

Although one is not required to formally meditate so that one can practice yoga-nor is the yoga practice mandatory for one to meditate — the two practices are very important is supporting and complementing each other. Through the practice of yoga, individual enhances their abilities which in turn are vital aspect in helping an individual to relax. There exists an exquisite methodology within the practice of yoga tradition which is highly designed to reveal and juxtapose the interconnectedness of every individual.

By definition, meditation simply means reflecting upon, contemplate, or ponder. Also, the term can denote devotional contemplation exercises or religious or philosophical contemplative discourses. In yoga context, mediation is more specifically defined as the state of pure consciousness-the art of concentration. The process of meditation and what constitute the yoga practice is well described in the Yoga Sutra guidelines and instructions. As per the yoga guidelines, the quietness of the mind which triggers the stillness of the mind brings the body, senses, and mind into a state of balance which in turn helps the nervous system to relax.

Different Ways to Meditate

1. The use of Sound — the practice of yoga employs the usage of certain sound, affirmation, or phrases which becomes the point of focus.

2. The Use of Imagery — visualizing is an important aspect of meditation. In this type of meditation, and individual focuses on a body organ or an area corresponding to a particular imagination associated with it.

3. Gazing — the focus is to maintain an eye contact with the object.

4. Breathing — breath becomes the point of focus.

5. Physical Sensations — sensitivity is the point of focus.


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