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Why Positive Reviews Really do Matter

positive reviewsWe all know that place at the bottom of an advertisement or article that tells us ‘Your comments are important to us, so please leave a review,’ but do people really read reviews nowadays?

The simple answer to that one is, absolutely they do!

Reports and statistics relating to the importance of online reviews when making a choice weigh heavily to the plus side with over 90% of consumers reading reviews but what is more staggering is that a massive 88% of those people actually trusting those online reviews that they have read as much as if they had been personally recommended to a product or service.

This leads us to the undeniable conclusion that online comparison sites that put side by side difference companies or businesses providing the same service or goods really can make a difference to your business, and those comparison sites are not limited to house and car insurance and below we are going to take a look at the gambling industry to see just how much reviews can influence people when it comes to decision making.

It was not so many years ago that having a bet online was considered by many as too much of a risk and the negative persona of a smoky backroom with a group of card sharks still stuck. In fact, there were very few online sites that provided people the opportunity to have a bet.

Then as technology advanced so did the gambling industry which, (together with the porn industry) has always been in the forefront of pioneering new technology and innovative ideas resulting in a boom of online gambling sites, and of course, online comparison sites soon followed.

Enjoying a widely available and reliable Wi-Fi connection makes a massive difference too as increasing numbers of people use their smartphones and other mobile devices to source their goods and services.

Unfortunately, where there is money changing hands there will be that criminal element that are out there to grab as much as they can, and if we are honest there are not many of us who have not be let down by some goods or services we have bought online and this is where those reviews can be worth their weight in gold besides taking out a lot of the hard work for the consumer.

For instance, if I wanted to play at live dealer roulette games then the sensible way to go would be to read the reviews on sites that offer live dealer roulette as they are there to bring together the collective thoughts, either positive or negative, and are there to be used as a tool and guidance.

Reviews should not be attached to any other interested parties and they should be straightforward and written in jargon-free language.

If we go back to a live dealer roulette site as an example the review will take in the most important points of the site like: what choice of games are on offer, is the site mobile friendly, are there any promotions and bonuses to take advantage of, and who the software provider is. The review will also contain what banking options are open to customers and what security measure are in place to keep those banking details safe.

Pointers such as the ones above are there to tell us how any one supplier of goods or services tick, what makes it the best one to choose for our own personal needs, and that is why many people unsure of which way to go will read reviews and very often go with the majority.