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Why Data Centres are Essential for Businesses

Data centresData centres have been around for decades now, supporting businesses as they grow, which in turn supported technological advancements as the demand for an adequate IT infrastructure increased year-on-year – and continues to do so. Data centres continue to remain as essential for businesses, with much of what a company does nowadays requiring an advanced IT system and a reliable and fast internet connection. Whether a business chooses to invest in an on-site data centre or outsource to a hosting company, there’s a number of reasons why they are a necessity for companies.

Processing and Storage Capacity

The most important feature of a data centre design, that make them a business essential is their superior processing capabilities and large storage capacity. Data centre services are constantly updating their rigs to the latest processors in the marketing, meaning that your business will always have the benefit of high processing speeds, for a much lower cost than if you were to pay for the equipment yourself. By using a data centre service, you can also add additional storage as and when your business requires it – ideal for a rapidly growing business looking for an easily scalable IT infrastructure.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Network downtime can cost business hundreds of thousands of pounds, due to the loss of unsaved data, damage to sensitive IT equipment and websites being down – especially costly if your business operates an e-commerce website. Because data centres are built with multiple power supplies, they ensure that your servers will experience minimal or no downtime in the event of a power cut.


The security and accessibility of data remain some of the biggest concerns for companies and individuals alike. With so much data being stored online, it’s important that businesses have a data centre to support an IT infrastructure that will be able to securely store and transfer information. By using an on-site data centre, businesses can take more control of how their data is stored and transferred, and ensure that they are compliant with the relevant regulations.


As your business grows, your IT infrastructure needs to be able to accommodate the demanding requirements that accompany that growth. A scalable infrastructure will support the growing computing, storage, and network needs of your business. Whether you choose to have an on-site data centre or outsource to a service provider, a data centre will allow your IT infrastructure to grow in line with your business.


Whether you choose to upgrade your current IT infrastructure to an on-site data centre or move to an off-site data centre, you’ll be able to increase your bandwidth to the high speed necessary to meet the demands of your business. By using a data centre, you’ll experience faster internet speeds because your data doesn’t need to travel around the world to another data centre and back. Speed might not sound like an essential for every business, but with the number of companies now trading online, the benefits of a faster connection become very noticeable in a short amount of time.

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