Why bother with Blog Posts?

Valerie Ludlowasks Valerie Ludlow, Client Marketing Director at ASG

Coming up with fabulous blog posts full of engaging content is not easy and can be pretty time consuming.

So in a world where many marketers don’t have the luxury of time to address the more pressing points on their ‘To Do’ list, this can seem like one task too many – likely to linger at the bottom of the list.

And then once it is written, what do you do with it? Is anyone likely to read it? Will it have any impact on the wider marketing objectives?

At ASG, we believe wholeheartedly that bothering with blogging is important for several reasons. First of all, they are an excellent way of demonstrating your company’s expertise, and secondly, engaging blog posts are often great sources of traffic to your website.

In addition to this, if you work your blogging muscles, you can boost where you’ll come up on search engines. After all, how many pages of Google do people really look through when the search results come back?

But where do you start? It’s great to want to write a blog, yes, but what exactly do you write about? I suggest a number of different methods to inspire you.

Answer Customer Questions

This may or may not be glaringly obvious, but if you really want to write a useful blog post that will add value to your business, then start with your customers. They see you as an authority in your area of expertise and value your advice and opinions.

It, therefore, makes good sense to use these customer questions for blog content ideas. But what if you’re not sure what your customers or prospects are asking? Delve into your Google Analytics and Social Media channels and see what people are searching for and/or talking about.

Most importantly – speak to the staff who are most likely to have face-to-face contact with your customers. What are the most common questions they are asked?

What better way to get leads than to produce a blog post which has the power to direct potential customers straight to you, via the wonders of the internet!

Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner essentially lets you find out what people are searching for in Google- so if they are asking questions, answer them!

What sort of words do people type in when looking at a particular subject or topic? Think about how that could lead people to your blog.

What’s more, you can view just how large the search volume is for that search term and, therefore, whether the topic is a popular one or not.

blog pic

Use Ubersuggest

After all that, if you are still looking for blog post inspiration, then check out another free tool called Ubersuggest.

By typing in a word or phrase that you want to talk about, it will give you back the Top 10 related searches.

So, if I worked for a recruitment company and typed in, “how to find a job”, I can see that the Top 10 most searched questions in the UK include “how to find a job abroad”, “how to find a job at 16” and “how to find a job on LinkedIn”.

There you go- write about the best ways to find work abroad, how young people can seek employment and the best ways to find a job online.

If people are seeking these answers, then they will come to you.


Hopefully, now you will be inspired to use some of the methods above to get blogging. And if you don’t yet have a blog for your website then, please, do seriously consider it.

Whether you work in fashion, food or pharmaceuticals, a blog is an excellent opportunity to impress your customers and potential customers with your expertise, as well as drive traffic to your site. Share your passion, knowledge and insight.

So what are you waiting for? Source those ideas and get writing. Alternatively give us a call at ASG and we’d be happy to chat through ideas to get you started. 

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