What are the traits on an excellent content marketer?

Digital marketing relies heavily on content and according to the latest trends in digital marketing 50% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing spend.

Therefore, content marketing personality traits are more in demand in the workplace than ever.  Good quality content marketing success is not down to luck, quite the opposite, it’s a formalised strategy and top-quality content marketers are constantly improving their content marketing skills.

A committed and experienced content marketer understands digital marketing and what an effective and successful content marketing strategy looks like and knows exactly how to implement it.

Content marketing personality traits

Digital marketing

Effective content marketing personality traits are necessary in a modern content marketing environment.

Here are a few well-known traits that a content marketer needs to have to get started in this exciting industry:

  • Have a passionate voice – Having passion for your content can make or break a content marketer, because it’s contagious. If your digital marketing content is full of passion and written with care and attention to detail your readers will believe what you write and want to read more.
  • Research ruthlessly – Adding valuable digital marketing content is the ultimate goal of any content marketer, so seeking ways to add value to your target audience’s lives is essential. Research is a way of packing your digital marketing content with value and added bonuses for your target audience.
  • Be empathetic – It’s so important for a content marketer to be empathetic towards their target audience. If your digital content marketing is considerate of what your audience is wants to read and what motivates them then your digital content will undoubtedly get many more clicks.
  • Search engine optimisation understanding – Every content marketer understands how important it is that your content is found and ranked higher in the search engines, such as Google. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a firm grasp and understanding of effective, tried and tested SEO techniques.
  • Shine on social media – Creating good quality digital marketing content is super important, as we know, but so too is knowing how to get maximum exposure on all social media platforms. Understanding the best way to promote your posts is key to be an effective content marketer.
  • Have an editor’s eye – All content marketing material needs an editor’s eye – attention to detail is key. Every content marketer should be an expert editor.  It’s not just about grammar and typos, but when creating content, it’s important to understand how your readers will react to your digital marketing content.
  • The power of analytics – Understanding the power of analytics is vital, so this is where you lay to rest your creative content abilities. A strong knowledge of Google Analytics is indeed power.  Delving deep into the analytics of your content marketing is where all will be revealed about the success or failure of your digital marketing strategy.

Content is not only king – it rules

Digital marketing

We all understand that digital content is vitally important in the today’s world of marketing.  And being a content marketer guru is one of the major ways of achieving success in the digital marketing world.  We all know about digital content marketing however, if we want to create relevant and superior content, we need to rise above all the digital clutter and make your digital content stand out.

Besides completing a digital marketing course there are a few ways to enhance your digital marketing content skills, such as:

  1. Building a documented digital content strategy – A digital content strategy should include everything from which social networks work best for your business, where and when to post, relevant topics are planned, scheduled and executed.
  2. Keep abreast of the industry – One of the key traits of a successful content marketer is keeping pace with their specific industry trends.
  3. Networking know-how–Building meaningful relationships and connecting with the right people is essential for your digital marketing content to be effective.
  4. Building trust – Any successful content marketer understands that building ongoing trust with your audience is key, without this element of trust, your digital content marketing strategy will fail to stand the test of time.

To become well versed in digital marketing have a look at completing one of the Digital School of Marketing accredited digital marketing courses. All courses are endorsed by CPD services body of the United Kingdom. This ensures that your certificate never goes un noticed and that you are able to grow within the digital marketing industry.

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