Virtual Offices at Scottish Provident Building

Scottish Provident BuildingThe modern office can be many things; a sleek extension of your company brand or a necessary commodity – nothing more than functional space. It can even be a statement of presence – both figuratively and literally i.e. ‘We want to appear successful.’ or ‘We are slap bang in the heart of the city’. And that can be found at the Scottish Provident Building.

But what about the alternative? The office address without the actual office? It is the virtual office that is fast becoming the popular, flexible solution for the new style of businesses cropping up in Northern Ireland.

In a nutshell, a virtual office gives you all the benefits of renting office space, without the associated costs of the office itself.

In its most basic guise, a virtual office is a mailing address i.e. you benefit from having the prestigious business address to use as your company’s own, giving your business a far greater professional image.

Almost all business centres offer virtual office packages and there are plenty of online services offering call handling or basic reception services.

But they don’t come more prestigious in the city centre than at the very exclusive Scottish Provident Building. Donna Linehan explains; “We truly believe that anyone with the desire and drive to start a business needs all the help they can get.

“Even the entry level virtual office solution means a company only need pay to use SPB’s address as their own and for services they may need, but don’t pay rent for the actual offices themselves.

“We also appreciate the important role these companies play – not only in Belfast’s future economy, but also in the future of SPB – as they naturally migrate into the physical offices as they grow.

“The next level up – and an extremely popular choice – is the call answering package or our ‘Virtual Silver’. This gives the user a virtual assistant – our professional receptionists – to answer their calls on their behalf. And it’s not just a matter of saying hello – it will be answered as if it’s their staff working in their office and seamlessly passing call through to wherever the client may be.

“And with our ‘Virtual Gold’ package they really get the executive, VIP experience. As well as the mail and call answering services, clients get an increased level of access to the building itself.

“With included hours for office or desk use per month you can really get a good sense of what SPB is all about – we liken it to a five star hotel and the emphasis really is on a VIP service.”

Now everyone can feel special, no matter what size the company, with a virtual office from Scottish Provident Building.

If you’d like to find out more speak to Donna Linehan direct on 0770 444 8540 or visit the website at scottishprovidentbuilding.

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