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Using Your Mobile Phone to Make Some Extra Cash

Summer HolidayWith the Christmas season just over, it won’t be long before we are seeing 2018’s Summer Holiday advertisements on our televisions, in fact I actually witnessed one advertisement for Christmas 2018 hampers just the other evening, and I wondered to myself just how commercial our lives have become.

But one thing is for sure and that is that we all lead busy lives and being able to make some extra money really helps, especially when it’s made in our spare time. Once you begin to research making extra money it soon becomes apparent that there are scores of legitimate ways to add to your income, and a little extra is always welcome.

For all of those unwanted presents or gifts that have accumulated over the years this is the best time to sell them on your local buy and sell Facebook page or on eBay. Selling this way can bring in some useful cash and also de-clutter your home.

If that does not appeal to you then do consider changing your energy provider, and using one of the handy comparison sites helps you to do this easily. You can actually save hundreds of pounds by changing your energy provider which is money that should be in your pocket, not theirs. Whilst you are doing this consider checking out your insurance providers, both house and car, as there are savings to be made by changing those providers too.

You could also consider calling your broadband providers and seeing if you can get your monthly payments reduced, this can be applied to your monthly phone contract too as the big companies want to keep their customers and are more than happy to reduce payments in order to do so.

If the above ways to make some extra money don’t appeal and you prefer a more fun way to earn some extra money then think about playing at one of the high-end, online bingo sites like Swanky Bingo which offers its players a great social experience as well as being in with the chance of a win.

Being able to catch up with family and friends whilst enjoying some time in a safe and secure environment is a welcome break for many of us, and being able to play wherever and whenever we choose is the type of convenience we expect.

Another popular way to earn a little extra cash is to complete some surveys online. This won’t make you into an instant millionaire but it’s a good way to build up some extra cash when you have a spare few minutes in the day.

With the majority of us owning a mobile phone having the power to earn a little extra at those times we most need it is not as difficult as it first appears, and with a little research you could soon be reaping the benefits of extra earnings instead of those pounds being in the hands of the already rich.