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Using Customer Insights to Influence Your Decision Making

customer insightsCustomers visiting your website can tell a lot about what is important to them, or what they like/dislike about your products or services.  But have you ever thought they online behaviour could also reveal something your business? If not, it’s about time to explore the wonders of smart tools that make the automated marketing, such as those integrated at the BlueVenn platform.

Customer Analytics can help you get the insight you need

From customer profiling, tailored communications to predictive analytics, the world of data-driven marketing is really changing the way we conceive creating the customer experience. As focus groups and surveys are being slowly replaced by more advanced, and more sophisticated analytical tools, taking the pulse of your customers’ engagement feels like an obligation every online platform needs to meet in order to be able to create meaningful and successful campaigns.

But contrary to popular belief, predictive analytics isn’t something solely reserved for data analysts. With plentitude insight tools available, finding the most loyal customers, or monitoring their reactions to messages they receive, marketers can now effortlessly dive into their behaviours. This knowledge is essential in creating engaging content further down the line and no SQL training is needed!

 Define and redefine your strategies with data

A lot of small business owners still don’t know where to begin when it comes to tracking their marketing efforts. Understanding a few important metrics such as conversion rate, or lead value is a good starting point, but you can do a lot more with the data you already have.

Small businesses can try purchasing their data from third-party vendors or acquiring their own by using a platform that will help them to scrape it from their websites or applications. It is important to be modest at this stage and only start gathering data that is essential for your business. Otherwise, you are risking creating so-called data swamps,consisting of duplicates, or  large volumes of data you cannot sort through. Depending on your desired application, you will need to clean, format and manipulate data accordingly. But fear not, there are also tools that will do it for you. Solutions like Customer Data Platforms can help you to overcome the burden of disintegrated data silos and keep all your valuable information and analysis in one place.

See what’s been hidden

Thanks to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), a comprehensible 360 – degree view of customers has been made possible by collecting data from numerous touch points. Thus, companies who are trying to create a cohesive, real-time picture of their clients, understand the importance of investing in smart tools that will allow them to do so. Some automated marketing solutions are even able to pull out data from different offline and online sources to create an accurate record for each customer. With great amount of detail, it’s unlikely your targeting campaigns will get askew!

Plan your customers journey mapping tools

According to BlueVenn, 70 % of all shopping carts are abandoned. Users leave websites for many reasons, marrying the right visitor with the right message at the right time is what increases the likelihood of finalizing transactions.  By monitoring the performance of each customer journey in real time, marketers can gain invaluable insights into their virtual clientele, and deliver perfectly targeted, multi- channel experience, that will help you to nudge your customers effectively, at the very moment they decide to quit purchasing.