Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme Set to Boost Growth of Industry

Tourism NI has launched a new initiative, the Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme, designed to boost growth and development within the tourism industry.

The tourism sector is currently enjoying significant success but there is potential for significantly more growth as the industry seeks to grow revenue to £1.7bn by 2030. The TED programme aims to help the industry gain access to the training and resources required to develop capability and capacity.

Working with industry partners and key stakeholders the content for the programme was developed based on research carried out by the Ulster University.

Speaking about the programme, Carolyn Boyd, Tourism NI Industry Development Manager, commented: “Research identified five key areas of growth within the tourism industry with which businesses are struggling. These areas include attracting new visitors; digital development; investing in people; leadership and management and product/experience development.”

“A panel of leading industry experts has been recruited to host each event and we encourage those working in the tourism industry to take a look at the programme, register for events and use the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise available to them.”

Caroline Wilson, Founder of Taste & Tour NI which specialises in authentic local food and drink tours said; “To be successful in business you need to grow and sometimes it is not always easy to find the gaps and opportunities on your own. It is fantastic to see that Tourism NI are getting behind the industry and through the TED programme providing access to the support and training the industry needs to ensure we have the right skills to grasp opportunities for growth.”

“Food is now a major reason why visitors choose to come to Northern Ireland. When I started this business back in 2014, it was not only the first food tour available in Northern Ireland but the first based on all local produce. Four years later I am now able to work full-time in food tours and the business has progressed from offering one tour to 4 different tours, as well as a variety of bespoke options”.

The TED Programme for 2018/19 runs from November 2018 to April 2019.

For a full list of all events in the TED Programme and how to register please visit

Registration for the November and December events is now open with registration for 2019 events to follow.

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