Top 5 workplace benefits and how they affect staff morale

morale Employee morale is based on the views and opinions of those people who work for you, how they feel about the environment in which they work in and their overall level of satisfaction. It has a huge effect on engagement, productivity and retention.

With high levels of morale throughout a workforce, satisfaction will rise but when morale is low productivity will sink and work will suffer. From time to time it is a good idea for employers to reevaluate how they can connect better with their teams. Here we have put together the top five workplace benefits that can boost staff morale.

Having an effective HR system

The benefits of HR software are extensive for employees but its main effect is how it makes everyone’s lives easier, which in turn increases morale. It reduces the time you wait for important information, it enables people to access the information they need whilst also being given the chance to directly alter it, leaving them feeling empowered. It also means those working in HR won’t be weighed down with as much work – allowing them more time for face-to-face interaction.

Celebrating accomplishments

Don’t let achievements go unnoticed. If employees meet targets and goals, it should be celebrated. This can be done in the form of special treats in the office such as cake or half a day off. You could even choose a trophy or a night out for those group achievements. A small gesture such as this will go a long way to make staff members feel appreciated and happy that their achievements and hard work aren’t going unnoticed. It will give them that motivation to carry on and work hard.

Volunteering and getting involved with your community

Volunteering is a great way for you and your business to get involved with the community, whilst also helping employees feel like they are making a difference. The best way to do this is to schedule volunteer outings per quarter of the year – working in a homeless shelter, helping out a local food bank or improving the look of the community. Find an organisation together as a group and see how you can get involved. This is one of the best ways of improving positivity in the workplace.

Promoting from within

Running a large company enables you to make new hires and promotions on a regular basis. Hiring outside talent to fill the gap can damage office morale – especially if there are people working in your team who are already qualified for the position. Make a point to promote within, by doing so you can improve people’s relationships with the company.

Making time for fun in the office

You need to remember to have fun and you should inject some regularly into your working atmosphere. Have some recreational activities in the staff room such as a pool or ping-pong table and this way it won’t ruin the chances of having a productive day all around. Breaking up the day like this won’t make it feel so much like work and a few minutes away from the desk will increase morale and improve productivity.

Acknowledging employees and investing in ways to improve their morale is a step in the right direction towards the successful growth of a company.

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