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Top 5 Marketing Strategies For Your Android Games App

As the world moves toward smartphones and tablets and away from traditional desktop computers and laptops, more companies are getting serious about their mobile marketing strategy. Creating, developing and launching your game is only the starting of your crusade and if you’re a mobile game developer and you’re not marketing your game, you’re already on the doomed side.

With so many games including online slots games on the market and such tuff competition to get players that are going to play are crushed quite easily. It’s time to promote your android game to get users – players – downloads – sales! Below are five effective ways to market your android mobile game to help you reach your target audience.

Landing Page/Website

The competition in the Android mobile gaming space is too fierce for you to limit your mobile game marketing to Play Store. A landing page is a simple one-page website that you can use to promote your android game. The advantage is that these sites do not take up much of your time or resources and yet, they provide you a great return on your investment. This will also help your targeted users and app reviewers to get a better understanding of your mobile game.

Social Media

Social media marketing has become a proven strategy to draw customers attention. Social media can asset your android game business in many ways — it not only increases brand awareness but also seizures the personal side of your brand that will draw in the right audience for your android game.Most importantly, rather than spread yourself thinfocus on the social media platforms that are popular with your target audience.


While your android game is new, it makes great sense to spread a word about your product in the market.App review websites is another option, which you can explore when it comes to promoting your app.In addition to this, positive ratings and reviews for your android game on Playstore can boost the visibilityand ranking which would automatically give rise to the downloads and traffic as well.You can also postarticles and blogs on known websites to spread the word about your android game.

Influencer/Celebrity Endorsements

Influencers are individuals with the power to influence the engagement and buying decisions of a certain group of people. Developing honestand mutually beneficial relationships with influencers will go a long way in helping to promote your mobile app.Getting in touch with influencers is a good tactic – you will get many more users thanks to them.

Share Video Previews Of Your Game

Videos are an easy way for you to showcase everything your beautiful and well-built android game has to offer.If you don’t have much money you could use your team members to create and launch a video about your android game.Once you are finishing creating your video, be sure to drag your social media and other platforms to promote your app.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the sky is the limit in terms of app promotion. It is important to personalize your strategy based on your business rather than blindly following successful patterns.As with all marketing strategies, you will find that each plan requires a continuous time investment and active audit for maximum returns.