Top 10 Advantages to Use a Vehicle Tracking System

vehicle tracking systemWhat category of people can use a vehicle tracking system, or which companies are better suited to install this GPS technology? Firms with numerous contractors on the move, whether it’s an electrical, HVAC, or a plumbing company, they are rapidly using installing this technology on their vehicles. The tracking system is not even all about these contractors, taxi companies, limousines can also utilize the GPS technology to enhance their productivity, caters can also use it to monitor their valuables.

A vehicle tracking system typically contains a tracking device installed inside a car, with a piece of software, like tracking fox, communicating with a central server that allows users to tracks to track their vehicles from the main office. The tracking information is transferred from a vehicle to the HQ with geostationary position satellites acting as an intermediary. The device which can also be called Mobile GPS tracker, updates its position, speed, the direction of travel and location across to the HQ. The frequency can be adjusted by manually around two to fifteen minutes, and also by manufacturing defaults.

Hold it, why even bothering about installing a GPS tracking system? Check below ten most important reason.

  1. Vehicle tracking systems allow you to reduce running expenses, by spotting the reckless drivers that speeds, thereby wasting fuel. Not only maintenance bill and cost will be saved, but insurance premium can also be reduced.
  2. GPSWOX vehicle tracking system works with a mileage reminder that makes it possible to reduce time wasted from maintenance. Regular maintenance sure leads to increase in resale value. Using it, indirectly helps to avoid bald tires, taxes.
  3. Enjoy up to 30% discount offered by some insurance companies to businesses that install the Mobile GPS tracker. Although trackers encourage safe driving, it also makes help recovery process easier when a theft scenario occurs.
  4. Productivity can be dramatically increased. No to unauthorized stops, breaks, the tracking device provides an accurate and complete information about the vehicle position. A way to verify overtime request of drivers.
  5. Build a customer friendly database. When any client calls in, with a tracking system, businesses can specify how close the nearest available cab to them and how long it can take to reach their location.
  6. Firms can easily know the most productive workers in the workforce. With this info, better bonus plan and further training can be implemented, boosting employees’ morale.
  7. Get phone bills cost plummeted. With this tracking system, there will be no need to monitor workers on the phone to know their location.
  8. Having the relevant data of a vehicle on a single screen enables companies to respond to enquiries in a fast and accurate way.
  9. Mobile tracking system reduces paperwork. Since information is periodically available from the mobile GPS tracking system, the driver will not have to be filling forms all the time. Also in a way makes the record accuracy more accurate.
  10. Being in control over your business. When all information about fleet location, vehicle speed, locations, etc., are available. More informed decision can be made and create a sense of control for business owners.

The above reasons are by no means an exhaustive list of the advantages to implement a vehicle tracking system. For fleet agencies, now is the time to take your business to the next level, be up to date, with the use of advanced technology for smoother operations, also increase efficiency & productivity and ultimately increase your profits.

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