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scottish providentChris Johnston, Managing Director, Scottish Provident Building writes….

When Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant came together in the 1990s one of television’s greatest sitcoms, ‘The Office’ was born. At that stage little did they know it would be a hit. It was only after the first series was repeated and critics noted it as ‘pick of the day’ it fast became a big cult favourite.

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The mockumentary style programme and the character of David Brent have now become synonymous with the workplace being a location where people don’t really want to work.

The UK ‘Office’ series only managed two series with six episodes and two Christmas specials but from these simple beginnings ‘The Office’ has been watched by millions in over 60 countries and garnered some 20 odd awards and potentially inspired many people to stop wasting their life doing a job they don’t enjoy.

With the US series finishing last year it was noted that ‘The Office’ had parallels with the American Dream – where anything is possible.

As businessmen and women we all like to think that anything is possible and that we can change and be who we want to be and where we want to be.

Today in business it is more important than ever to not only have that dream but to make it a reality.

At Scottish Provident Building we’re making that possible for many businesses through our first class serviced offices and our virtual offices service.


I personally don’t know how many times I’ve thought ‘I’d wish there were two of me’ or ‘I wish I could be in two places at once’. Now, whilst I’m good at making things happen, unfortunately I can’t make a duplicate of you. I can, however make you appear to be in two places at once, with a virtual office at Scottish Provident Building.


The virtual office service we offer gives you and your business a professional address, and while you don’t rent a physical office space – for all intents and purpose your business appears to operate from a prime business location.

But it doesn’t just stop there; Scottish Provident Building offers three packages, to choose from; Bronze, Silver and Gold, all of which complement your business needs.

Our most popular package is ‘Silver’ where not only do you get the best address in Belfast, but all your calls are professionally answered by our reception staff and redirected to wherever you are. Flexibility and room to grow is one of the most important aspects of modern working life and they don’t come more prestigious than in Belfast’s city centre at the very exclusive Scottish Provident Building right next to Belfast City Hall.

The purpose of virtual office is wide spread, but more than most, it is used by small business and start-up organisations, looking to give their company that first step on the business ladder and an immediate business presence. It is also very useful for emerging companies that depend on mobile working, or companies wishing to expand into new areas without the costly setup capital required to take office space.

Prices for a virtual office start from as little as £55 per month. Why so reasonable for what is probably the most luxurious and talked about office venue in the city?

Well we truly believe that anyone with the desire and drive to start a business needs all the help they can get. They deserve to be able to position themselves directly in their market place with the best possible presence.

For the established businesses it may be an easier decision to move directly into the building – after all, the offices and meeting rooms look a million dollars, but they also make excellent commercial sense once the beans have been counted.

But we understand that our virtual clients have more basic needs from the outset and also need to keep a watchful eye on the cash flow. We also appreciate the important role they play not only in Belfast’s future economy, but also in the future of Scottish Provident Building when they hopefully make the move into the building itself – once the time is right.

As with most ‘address only’ virtual packages you get professional mail handling i.e. your post arrives and is sorted by our reception staff. Virtual clients can either pick it up at their convenience or we can arrange to have it sent on to them.

Our different packages, Gold, Silver and Bronze, allow for the businessman or woman to choose the service they need for their business, whether it’s answering their phone or access to meeting and boardrooms.

We also provide a hot desk facility. With included office hours or desk use per month you can really get a good sense of what Scottish Provident Building is about – we liken it to a five star hotel where the emphasis really is on VIP service.

So for me it’s now back to the Office, the one where I can be who I want to be – and thankfully that isn’t David Brent.

Regardless of what size your company is, with a virtual office from Scottish Provident Building, you can be living your business dream.

If you’d like to find out more speak to Chris direct on 02890 918 200 or visit

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