The importance of providing the right welfare facilities

welfare facilitiesCompetition is fierce these days, and the devil can be in the detail. If you’re managing a project outdoors, whether it’s a small village fete or a major construction site, then not paying attention to the standard of your basic facilities can prove costly.

This isn’t simply a matter of staying compliant to legislation either. If you’re running an event, or managing a team of outdoor workers, having the right standard of welfare facilities is now a wise commercial decision.

When event planners get it wrong

For event managers, gripes and even outright complaints about the standards of toilets can undo all your hard work in booking the artists, speakers or other attractions. Consumers are far more demanding these days, and dubious loos are a long way from acceptable. Music festival toilets may seem like the topic of light-hearted banter, but the joke wears thin when you put health and hygiene low down your list of priorities.

If you’re hoping to create loyal event visitors to pre-sell next year’s tickets to, those over flowing loos or long queues could be seriously off putting. Worse still, upset or ill event guests are not going to be shy about spreading the word. It could be your reputation – not the outdoor event site – that becomes mud!

Construction sites and outdoor crews

On building sites and outdoor projects, toilets might not be the first priority and hot water may feel like an unnecessary luxury, right?

But did you ever think about the cost of not providing proper welfare facilities for construction teams and other outdoor workers? Cutting corners is likely to reduce productivity, as you will have demotivated teams. Time is lost in queuing or even going off site for comfort breaks. This makes it important to go above and beyond legal obligations to provide staff with enough clean toilets and other basic facilities.

There are key advantages to putting the right welfare facilities in place on building sites and other outdoor projects too. Attracting and retaining the right calibre of staff and contractors can be an uphill struggle these days. Providing hot wash facilities and toilets that are spacious and well equipped, makes staff feel more valued and motivated. Having hot wash construction site toilets for site visitors is a must. Adding a portable disabled toilet unit to your configuration builds your also reputation as a caring and conscientious company.

Event planning advantages

The other side of the coin is the measurable benefits of properly planned welfare facilities. Happy event guests mean they will spend money, and come back another day. They are also more likely to spread a positive message about their experience.

You also have your artists, staff and VIPs to consider too. Having spacious accommodation and break facilities on even the most remote outdoor site is now easy to arrange. Modern construction methods provide an extensive choice of high quality portable event units – from pleasant showers to comfortable sleeping spaces. Keeping staff fresh, clean and comfortable makes the whole event run more smoothly and VIPs feel…very important people!

Behind the scenes

Working outdoors, it’s easy to forget the need for sufficient workspace and storage to cope day to day in all weathers. Your backroom team need the room to back you up! That includes enough reliable generators to provide uninterrupted power if there’s no local source.

It goes without saying that mobile toilets must be emptied and restocked efficiently. However, you also need a welfare facility contractor who’s flexible and responsive. For example, one that provides good advice on the best locations and layouts for your welfare facilities. They also need to be available for urgent re-siting work, adding additional units or providing emergency clean ups.

Getting the right welfare facilities is clearly vital if you’re planning an event or providing the right amenities for workers.

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