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The Business Challenges Posed by iGen and How to Market to Them

It seems that over the past few years, there has been a huge amount of focus on Millennials

It seems that over the past few years, there has been a huge amount of focus on Millennials: the ways they’re changing the world, the ways they’re worse off than their parents and so much more. The overall impact of Millennials has gotten a lot of attention lately, but today we’re talking about a new generation.

The iGens, otherwise known as Generation Z, were born between 1995 and 2012 – the generation after the Millennials. Having grown up with smart technology, they don’t remember a time without the Internet and, as such, are more skilled with it than any previous generation. But with a new generation comes new challenges. Digital media influences everything we do and businesses must adapt to new trends or risk falling behind.

So how can your business stay on top of the challenges the iGen poses and how can you learn to market to them? Let’s discuss.

What are the Challenges?

Right now, the iGen makes up 25% of the US population alone and eventually, they will become the majority. Just like businesses had to adapt to their millennial audiences and employees, we must now prepare for the iGens.

The iGeneration is said to be made up of harder workers than millennials were at their age, with 55% of them willing to work more overtime to do a better job – they could become your competition if you don’t adapt to changes as they happen.

Since the iGen are tech-savvy, Internet-focused people, it means that businesses are more likely to be focused online and centred around social media. We’re already seeing the impact of this with ‘Influencers’ getting younger and making an absolute fortune. A business that ignores the impact of the iGen and fails to adapt to the changes they’re bringing about is not a sustainable business.

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Ways to Market to the iGeneration

One way to do this is to tap into the on-demand craze. With the Internet directly at our fingertips, we have the ability to find entertainment in an instant. One such example is playing casino online, where players can bet on slots, table games, number games and sports book all in one place. People can play these casino games from their mobile device as well as getting involved with popular esports games, like Dota 2 or League of Legends, in an instant. The ability to access gaming entertainment at any moment has become hugely appealing to younger audiences and is certainly making an impact.

The on-demand culture fad has inspired businesses to appeal to the iGen already, seen in the incredible popularity of streaming sites like Twitch and Netflix, as well as newer features on sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Here, people can stream and watch gameplay and shows, broadcast their lives and connect with people around the world. If you can find ways to use live streaming to market your business, you’ll stand a good chance of succeeding with the iGeneration.

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Lots of businesses are adapting their existing models to suit the iGeneration’s needs. Eventually, this is the generation that will become the most prevalent so it’s essential to find ways to appeal to them if you want your business to stick around for a very long time.