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Synthetic diamonds: Uncovering their hidden uses

synthetic diamondsWhen the word diamond springs to mind, we often think about engagement rings, necklaces and other forms of jewellery available; but in fact, there are more to diamonds than meets the eye. As well as the diamonds we’re very familiar with, synthetic diamonds play a big part in the everyday operation within many industries across the globe. Due to their renowned versatility and durability, synthetic diamonds are widely used within aerospace, construction, healthcare and within many more industries. With diamonds being used in places we may not imagine, we wanted to explore some of the areas in more detail and find out exactly how they are used.

The sky’s the limit…

I’m sure we can all agree that when we’re jetting off on our holiday, it wouldn’t even cross our minds that synthetic diamonds are used during the manufacturing process of the aircraft. Although travelling by air is one of the most safest forms of transport, we all want to be assured that all aircraft are as safe as possible and this is why manufacturers opt for durable, lightweight components, such as Element Six supermaterials. Newer models are built mainly from Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) due to the advantages it carries during the production of aircraft. Used to make robust tools, diamonds are used to deliver the best results when cutting through the toughest of materials, meaning better results for both manufacturers and passengers on board.

Improving healthcare treatment

As healthcare treatments have developed massively over the past decade, synthetic diamonds are now being used to help improve the wide range of treatments which are carried out every day. It’s more than likely that you or someone you know has come into contact with synthetic diamonds, whether it be during an operation or for a more intensive treatment like radiotherapy. The components within synthetic diamonds can help improve non-invasive surgery by aiding fibre optics to deliver high speed laser beams. With synthetic diamonds revolutionising the healthcare industry, it is improving treatments and allows for operations to be carried out in much shorter times.

Make a lasting home

If there’s one thing we want to be robust, it’s our home. With the exterior having to face diverse weather conditions and the interior taking the brunt of our day to day life, we need the strongest, most reliable materials used. To withstand all of the elements that are thrown at them, the materials used in the home need to be durable and because of this, they are often cut by tools made from synthetic diamonds. The supermaterials used are not only ideal for cutting, but also polishing and drilling, meaning they are favoured within the construction industry.

It’s surprising to learn about synthetic diamonds and how they can be used in a number of different industries. Whether it’s for healthcare services, aerospace or construction, synthetic diamonds are improving the manufacturing of products and the treatments that are widely available to us.