Sheree Atcheson, Deloitte: 40under40 Profile

Listed as one of the UK’s Most Influential Women in Tech ‘17, 27-year-old Sheree Atcheson (@nirushika) is a Consultant at Deloitte, founder of I Am Lanka, and UK expansion director at Women Who Code. As well as her day-to-day life in the industry, Sheree is a tech outreach leader across the UK.

As a passionate advocate for gaining and retaining women in the tech industry, in 2013, she brought Women Who Code to the UK. Women Who Code is a global non-profit, working to eradicate the gender bias through free hack nights, tech talks and career trainings. Sheree has featured in several publications, such as HuffPost, Wired, ComputerWeekly, The Guardian, Marie Claire.

The aim of Sheree’s career is to ensure people are aware of the fantastic opportunities the tech industry has to offer, and that everyone – regardless of gender, race or social stature – is able to benefit from these and reach their full potential in their careers.

Sheree’s Top Business Tip

Think through your ideas and fully understand your market by putting yourself in your client/member’s shoes. What do they want and how can you provide it to them. Most importantly, do not doubt yourself. Everyone has something to add to the industry so step up, make noise and be the change maker in your industry.

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