Safely Paying for Services Online

Safely Paying for Services OnlineMany of us use our smartphones for far more than simply staying in touch with family and friends. We now source our entertainment through our mobile devices as well as carrying out banking and that includes paying for goods or services over the internet.

And of course, where there is money involved there will always be that criminal element that are focused on getting your personal details and use them for their own benefit.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to make your time spent online more secure, and that means that you will be able to relax and make the most of smartphone without worrying.

Firstly, remember never open any email that looks shady, or one that does not use your name, check to see that the site is secure (the little lock at the search bar) and stay well away from any mail that wants to direct you to any website that wishes to confirm your payment details.

In fact, using any unsecured web page for either goods or services should be avoided at any cost, and an alternative found.

Having a basic understanding of computer viruses and spyware and installing recognised computer protection like Norton helps a great deal and will assist you in many ways. Even though the payee might be familiar to you, knowing that you are on the providers genuine site is essential for saying safe online.

Remember too that there are some payment options that are safer than others. For instance, if you were going to play at an online casino you could choose one of the high-end payforit casino sites which has been adopted by many online sites. The ability to secure your games and make a deposit into your account using only your phone appeals to many players.

These types of casinos either deduct the cost of your games from your pay-as-you-go account or add it onto your monthly contract, and this means that there is no bank involved at all with no need to give any financial details as none are used. You couldn’t get more secure than that.

If you don’t want to do that paying for good and services with your credit card does offer more protection against fraud than with some other methods, but if you are going to use any banking methods always double check all of your details before clicking confirm.

Checking that your link is secure is also important and as mentioned before the padlock symbol in the browser window fame does not appear on the page itself as the padlock on the page is most likely a fraudulent site.

One other tip is any genuine web address should begin with ‘https// (the ‘s’ denotes that it is secure.)

With a little insight and some care and attention to what sites you are opening you will be able to enjoy all the shopping experiences you wish in a safe and secure manner.

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