The Role of Humble Castor Wheels in Industrial Innovation

castor wheelSometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference, isn’t it? There are a number of small but significant advances that we take for granted almost all of the time, yet rely on every day. One such thing is the humble castor. Swivelling wheels fixed to pieces of furniture and other items make our lives so much easier than it would be without them. But what role has the humble castor wheel had in industry? Well, they’ve certainly made it easier to move heavy weights, as well as enabling us to make processes more efficient, less noisy and far safer. Let’s take a look…

 Improving efficiency

If manufacturing businesses are doing well, they’ll notice a surge in orders and production volumes. However, while this is a good thing (more work means more profit, after all!), it also means that there’s more work to be delivered. As a result, this means a huge increase in the volume or products to be moved around a warehouse or factory and packed onto vehicles for transportation – a problem for businesses tasked with delivering what they’ve promised.

That’s where castor wheels come in handy: good quality, fit-for-purpose castor wheels can withstand the weight of high product volumes, making it easy for workers to shift heavy weights in ever-larger quantities with the minimal amount physical exertion. Castor wheels mounted within special bearings enable 360 degrees of rotation, meaning that it’s easy for heavy weights to be guided in any direction without needing to change the direction of the cart frame.

Castor wheels also help to reduce the number of ‘breakages’ that happen to traditional wheels. Traditional wheels don’t cope very well with heavy weights and are prone to breaking but because castor wheels are designed to turn around an axle and bearing race, there’s a reduced amount of pressure placed on the wheel. This means that maintenance and replacement of equipment becomes a less demanding job for businesses, with fewer items to fix or replace.

 Reducing hazards in the workplace

Castor wheels have also played a huge role in reducing hazards in the workplace. Shifting heavy weights is a constant health and safety to risk to employees’ wellbeing, and the ability to manoeuvre items on a set of castors (be they motorised, swivel castors or another design altogether) has helped to reduce the risk to workers by lessening the amount of human force that’s required.

A good set of castor wheels ensures that workers won’t need to lift and transport heavy weights via man power alone, reducing the number of back injuries, crushed limbs and so on. Also, castors help to reduce the noise emitted when moving items in a factory or plant – a significant benefit due to the fact that noise can be a hazard in itself if it’s loud or prolonged enough.

Ultimately, castor wheels have made it easier for businesses to ‘make good’ on their high volume orders by speeding up internal processes, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of injuries in the workplace – a real unsung hero!

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