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Registering a Domain Name: Preparing in Advance

Registering a domain name will place you on the fast track towards developing an eye-catching and profitable website. However, you should never rush into this process. There are several suggestions to keep in mind as well as a few common traps to avoid. You will therefore need to perform a bit of homework if you hope to make the best decision possible. Depending upon your choices, a domain name can represent your best friend or your worst enemy.

Sure-Fire Suggestions When Registering Your Domain Name

When buying a domain name, try to choose a title that is easy to spell and remember. This concerns far more than semantics alone. Remember that any name is a partial reflection of your brand identity. Those which can be recalled easy are more likely to remain present within the minds of potential customers. Also, you will be able to avoid the possibility of a visitor typing an incorrect address and being taken to an entirely different website.

Another concept to keep in mind is commonly referred to as the “evergreen” approach. Your domain name should be just as appropriate ten years in the future as it is today. You otherwise risk alienating (and even losing) your audience base in the event that the name needs to be changed. Once again, brainstorm and be patient if you hope to come up with the most relevant results.

If possible, always try to choose a name with a .com ending. Not only will this provide your website with a professional appeal, but suffixes such as .info or .biz are harder to remember. It is worth paying a bit extra during the domain name registration process if you are able to obtain a .com listing.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Do not use slang terms when creating a domain name. While they may appeal to a local audience, international customers or those from other regions might not fully understand their significance. This can lead to confusion and your offers might likewise be misinterpreted.

Never purchase a domain name that has already been trademarked. Some would-be entrepreneurs choose this tactic in order to help their brand gain more digital clout. Not only does this nearly always backfire, but a complaint could even be filed against your business. This “black hat” tactic should be avoided at all costs.

Finally, do not assume that a domain name is taken simply because it appears to be “too good to be true”. There can be times when a website has recently expired and a very popular address suddenly becomes available. In order to take the guesswork out of the process, use the domain name tools offered by Shopify. You will easily be able to discover the available names and those which have already been taken.

Registering a domain name represents the first step of what could certainly prove to be a lucrative online career. So, always keep in mind the recommendations within this article in order to streamline the process.