Program Review: Sai Blackbyrn’s Accelerator by Coach Foundation

Accelerator by Coach Foundation is a program that promises to be a one-stop-shop, all-in-one solution to a coach’s business needs. For coaches getting clients and running their practice is usually the hardest part, and Accelerator promises to take care of exactly that. In this article, we will be finding out if it really works like that. 🙂

Now, I myself personally have been following Coach Foundation and Sai Blackbyrn’s “Mentor Mastermind” content for quite a while now, and the content has been amazing, it was by far the best resource I’ve found that covers building a coaching business out there.

At one point, however, I started thinking about what this guy has to offer professionally…how can I work with them? That was when I first learned about the Accelerator program but it had no professional, detailed reviews to back it up, so I emailed Sai for a test drive of his program to write an objective, non-biased review about it. That was a few weeks ago, today they’ve replied and agreed, so with that said, let’s get into it.

Accelerator is a year-long coaching program with two 6-8 week sprints to really kickstart your caoching business and then weekly and by weekly sessions with a variety of specialist coaches to support you along your coaching business for a next year. It also includes Coach Foundation’s “done for you” services, such as building your website or filling your email marketing list with quality contacts.

But does it live up to the name? Let’s find out.

6 weeks to launch your coaching business

The Accelerator program starts with something called the 6-weeks fast-track to launch. And in the 6 weeks, you’re going from not even having the topic (or niche in coaching lingo) of your coaching business to landing your first few “high-ticket” aka. high-price clients.

You start with an onboarding coaching session with the program’s Lead Coach, Ari, where he explains how to use the different platforms Accelerator runs on, how to use them, how to stay in touch with the team, and how to attend the coaching sessions. Then, you dive into a basic mindset section of the program, where you watch a few hours of trainings on what it takes to make it as a coach and run your own practice.

 Finding your coaching niche

 Choosing a coaching niche is the concept of picking one specific, targeted group to coach, instead of being a generalist coach. In Accelerator, Sai Blackbyrn argues that if you try to start a “generalist” coaching business, it will be close to impossible to launch your coaching business, due to so many similar coaches with more references and track record than you as a beginner, and due to the amount of competition in coaching.

The proposed solution is to pick and solve one specific type of problem, for one specific client, therefore putting yourself in a completely different box from all the generalist coaches and competitors. Thus, you have created the coaching niche. Now, this concept is extremely similar to W. Chan Kim’s book Blue Ocean Strategy, where he calls the generalist, broad types of services a red ocean full of sharks, and the “niched down” markets blue oceans still free of “sharks” and competition.

The greatest difference between the book and the Niche module in Accelerator however is this: Accelerator’s training gives you a TON of action steps and exercises to actually find a niche that you’re passionate about serving, but just as importantly, a niche that’s actually business viable.

Then, you have your call with the Accelerator niche coach, who is a marketing specialist in strategy, and they help you validate and check if that niche will actually work and you’ll be able to get coaching clients with it.

 Creating your coaching package

 In Accelerator, Sai argues that charging hourly for coaching is outdated, ineffective, and overall the wrong way of doing things. He argues that hourly pricing will not allow you to differentiate from others, it will be extremely difficult to raise your prices after a certain point, clients will often leave before they get to achieve results, and you will just be selling your time for money, which is just a “high-paid wage slave”.

Sai argues that to make your coaching irresistible to clients and to free yourself from the constraints of selling your time, you need to package up your coaching and focus it around one specific dream outcome for the client. In Accelerator, you’re creating an “outcome-oriented coaching program”.

The example Sai uses is that he used to be a dating coach back in the day, but he niched down to men between ages 25-30, and he created his coaching package around the specific goal of getting these men ages 25-30 a girlfriend because that was what most of them wanted. This allowed him to communicate much more effectively from a marketing standpoint, and he could really target the exact desires of his target audience in his advertisements.

The package training in Accelerator takes you through a process designed to research the exact desires and needs of your coaching niche, so you can tailor your program with one goal in mind. Then, it takes you through a set of exercises to brainstorm and map out your marketing message that they have you finalize together with their marketing coach on a Zoom coaching call. All in all, this kind of marketing work is foundational to the success of any business, and so many starting entrepreneurs fail because they didn’t even know it existed. And because of that, I’m happy Sai included it in their program with such detail, and even hired a marketing coach to help along the way and make the final decision.

Building your coaching website and funnels

Every online business today has to have a website for credibility. The Accelerator program has its own team of technicians who will design your very own website for you for this purpose.

They are using a tested template for it, which they say may not be the sexiest, but it’s what – according to their tests – converts the most visitors into actual contacts seeking you out to work with you. Conversion optimization is its own artform in marketing, and therefore, it makes sense to work with something that’s been tried and tested.

Writing your marketing emails and sending people to your website

 Email marketing is still one of the hottest topics in the online business space. Therefore, if you’re starting any online business in 2022, you must have your own email marketing list, and you must be sending them emails promoting your services and encouraging them to work with you. It’s the most effective way of growing a business today.

The Coach Foundation team takes the messaging you worked with on the marketing coach in the first two parts of the program (niche and coaching program), and they have a professional email writer prepare a so-called email “drip” sequence for you. This means that when somebody gives you their email address, and subscribes to your email list, they will automatically get a 7-day series of emails from you completely automatically.

These emails are meant to build a relationship between you and your followers, to build trust with them, and to promote joining your coaching program. From the emails, they are sent to your website where they can book a call with you to inquire about working with you.

After all, this is done, and you approve the automatic emails, Coach Foundation will use their own pages they’ve built across 20 different major coaching niches to promote subscribing to your email list. They will do this until your email list reaches a total of 1000 contacts, and then they set up your email list automation software to send the automated emails to 1000 people. From this 1000 people, most coaches in the program claimed to have got their first 5-10 clients with no real hard work from their side, just the email list and automations working for them.

 Using joint ventures to get clients

The Coach Foundation team can’t supply you with more than 1000 contacts in your email list, so at one point, you have to start looking for other ways to bring new people in to see and check out your coaching business. That’s where “joint venture” partnerships come in.

A Joint Venture partnership is simply when somebody with a following that’s similar to your niche promotes your coaching business, you get clients from that, and you provide something in exchange. Most of the time, it’s either you promoting back, or a commission from your program sales, or a fixed promotion fee.

Accelerator has a full, detailed 3-modules long video training on how to actually get these promotions. It starts with how and where you can find partners, how to reach out to them effectively, and how to land a promotion deal with them.

Now, from these joint venture deals, Sai says that the best kind are co-promotion deals where you promote the JV back in exchange for them promoting you. However, these are difficult to get as a beginner, with little following.

So what Sai and his team decided to do, is that they will actually promote your JV partners back to Coach Foundation’s followers in exchange for your promotions, and this allows you to land promotional deals with coaches and influencers that have much bigger followings than you do at that point.

For example, Sai claims this allows you to do a co-promotion deal where you pay nothing, you get promoted by a person with 100 000+ followers on their list, and Sai and his team reciprocate the promotion instead of you. This is all a part of Accelerator and not an addon service.

 Enrolling coaching clients from free consultations

Typically, people in Accelerator sell their coaching programs anywhere from $3-10k per person. It makes sense that probably nobody will sign up for a coaching program with this price tag, without getting to know the coach first. So for that reason, the Accelerator-made websites don’t disclose the price tag of the program nor the exact outline of it.

Instead, they encourage clients to book in a consultation call with you to learn more about the program. But just getting on a call like this with no structure, strategy or experience is intimidating, and will most likely not lead to success.

For that reason, Sai included 3 sales training modules in Accelerator which are directed by Phil, the head of sales at Coach Foundation. Once you start going through the sales training modules, you also have the opportunity to join the online sales training sessions, which are hosted by Phil over Zoom every week.

Coaching calls

The program has a weekly core group coaching call with the Head Coach Ari, where he tracks everybody’s progress, helps set weekly goals, and lays out the next steps for everybody individually to get to those weekly goals.

There is also a general coaching business Q&A, and a JV Q&A call with Sai weekly, a sales Q&A with Phil, and another JV Q&A coaching call with the head of Accelerator’s JV co-promotion team. You can also watch the replays of these Q&A calls for several years back, and there is also an opportunity to book a 1-on-1 coaching session anytime.

8 weeks to scale your coaching business

At the end of the 6-week fast-track challenge, you’ve

  1. Created the foundations of your coaching business, your niche and your program
  2. Had your website and funnels created by the CF team
  3. Had your automated email system set up by the CF team
  4. Had your email contact list built to 1000 subscribers
  5. Learned how to sell your coaching program
  6. Hopefully sold your program to your first 5-10 coaching clients

Once you’ve done all the above, the next step in the Accelerator program is the “8-week scaling challenge”. Here, the goal is not to simply get a few more coaching clients, but to automate the process, and make sure that you get even more clients, more consistently.

It’s done with something called an automated webinar that sells for you, and by outsourcing your joint venture process – they show you how to actually find and hire someone to do the joint venture processes for you. These are the more advanced modules of Accelerator.

Your automated webinar

First of all, what is an automated webinar? Most likely, you’ve already seen one of these. It’s an online presentation via Zoom or another platform where the presenter delivers value, and then pitches a call to action at the end – to book a call or buy a product.

And the automated part just means that the software runs a recording of your webinar completely on its own, without needing to start it manually or anything like that. In the 8-week scaling challenge of Accelerator, one of the key objectives is building your webinar.

They have training modules for crafting your presentation slide deck, your word-by-word presentation script, and they even have their own marketing writer review the full script for you, who’s responsible for reviewing and coming up with the strategy behind their own content and making millions of dollars in sales.

Then, once you have the script and presentation done and reviewed, you have to record it, and the Coach Foundation takes it from there: The video team edits your webinar, and the web tech team uploads it to the automated webinar software which then they connect to your email software and your website.

Thus, you have a fully automated webinar that takes people from your website, builds up the personal relationship and trust with them, gives value and invites them to book a call with you.

Sai also really emphasizes that although automated webinars have already been around for a while and some people are annoyed by them – their structure focuses so much on giving value and a straightforward, no-pressure approach, that it still works and doesn’t annoy people.

Automating your JV process

 The JV process is more or less the same in the 8-weeks scaling challenge as it was in the 6-weeks fast track to launch. You do this and that and this and that

Sai says the goal of Accelerator is not to have you working to get clients manually all the time, but to help you run your coaching business with as little time spent on the business part as possible, so you can focus on just coaching. And for that reason, there is an extra step here: hiring your JV manager.

They teach you how to use the UpWork freelancing job posting platform to find a JV manager, and they give you all the steps on how to find people. How to interview them, the conditions they have to match to be a good candidate, and so on. They also give you a dedicated training video to provide to your newly hired JV manager so that you don’t have to train them manually.

The rest of Accelerator 

The 6-week fast-track, and the 8-week scaling challenge are the most important parts of Accelerator, but there’s after you complete these two. Hence why there is a possibility to renew Accelerator after the first year, and why there are actually many people who’ve been members of the program for several years.

Press On Demand

 “Press On Demand” is a mini-program you get when you Join Accelerator. The first part of it is a basic PR training teaching you all things ranging from how to prepare your first press kit to how to perform your podcasts.

The second part of Press On Demand is actually a full-blown PR agency, that just like the tech team, you have access to, as long as you’re a member of Accelerator. The Press On Demand team have got coaches featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Insider, and many more platforms actually. Getting featured in press is important for coaches to be seen as an expert in their field and an authority that people can turn to for help.

Collaborative Book Launch

 The Collaborative Book is another service part of Accelerator, that just like Press On Demand has the goal in mind of helping you establish credibility and authority in your field as a coach. It’s just what the name suggests: each year, members of Accelerator collaborate on one big book launch, which is called the “Transforming Your Life” series.

Everybody writes their own chapter in the book, thus becoming a co-author. The Coach Foundation publishing team guides you along the process of writing your chapter and helps you edit your writing, and once the book is done, they publish it on Amazon.

Then, it’s onto the Coach Foundation press team to promote the book, and since the launch of the first Transforming Your Life book in 2018, each book has hit best-selling status across many categories in many countries. At the end of the promotion, each co-author gets a certificate of being a co-author of the bestselling book that they can embed on their website. It looks like this:


Ongoing coaching and services

After finishing the 8-week scaling challenge in Accelerator, you still have access to the following coaching:

  • weekly accountability, goal setting, and coaching workshop
  • weekly general business Q&A with Sai
  • weekly sales Q&a with sales coach Phil
  • weekly JV Q&A with Sai
  • weekly JV Q&A with Coach Foundation’s JV partner

You also remain to have access to the tech team who help you with maintaining and updating your funnels, updating and carrying out changes on your website, video editing, maintaining your automated webinar, and so on.

You also have access to the Accelerator press team (from Press On Demand), and unlimited JV promotion reciprocation from Coach Foundation’s partners.


So overall, is Coach Foundation Accelerator worth it? Let’s see what they’re giving you here.

  • Business basics training module (your niche, and coaching program)
  • A done-for-you coaching website
  • 1000 real subscribers to your email list (and software setup)
  • Completely unique joint venture method training
  • A very clean and sales training module
  • Automated webinar funnel training and setup
  • Weekly business coaching calls
  • Weekly sales coaching calls
  • Weekly joint venture coaching calls (with two different coaches)
  • Joint venture reciprocation service
  • PR service
  • Best-selling book authorship and certificate
  • Full tech-support service for your complete business

All this a the price (I’m not allowed to disclose that in this review)… Still, I think it’s a heck of a great deal if you ask me, but  I was also curious how the actual clients in acc are doing and how they feel about their purchase.

After all, we should always judge a program based on how the actual clients feel about it, but also what kind of results they get. I’ve had the chance to be part of the Accelerator FB group after asking the Coach Foundation team for the sake of this review, and here’s what I saw:











I’ve talked to quite a few Accelerator members and from what I’ve seen they’re doing quite great with it. The program clearly has a much higher success rate than any of their competitors out there, and with that, I have to say that it’s worth the buy.

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