Product lifetime labelling

As per the roadmap been depicted on circular economy, French Government is been planning to support “lifetime” labelling, which is a voluntary product. Though, if it will be executed then it has to be a mandate across European nations as well. Those days are really gone when electronic products used to last for years, like in earlier times. These days, most of the household appliances get impacted by the planned misuse or extinction. The strategy is well devised by many of the companies these days that reduces the product’s life span and people have to keep buying the stuff after some time. The likely impacted stuff covers printers, SmartPhones, women tights and so. In textiles, the chemical formula is been modified that weakens the fabric. Looking at the same cases, French government is planning to implement a label for a product’s “life” that will in turn proffer the grade to that product in between 1 to 10 depending on its sturdiness, durability and repair-ability. For printer labelling, food labelling or other, feel free to check out

Austria has already implemented a label of excellence for most of the household appliances that depict their durability and sturdiness. The display of this product lifetime labelling in France is going to be on a voluntary basis and will be executed by 1st January, 2020. Thus, it is up to the brands whether they wish to use the proposed labels or not. The government is also putting this matter forward to the warranties across European nations. The Ministry of Ecological Transition will extend the warranty on washing machines by 2 to 5 years. As per HOP, French government should take this a level up by simply making the product labelling as mandatory for all.

France has always been act like a pioneer in this field for years. Paris is encouraging others at present to follow the example of them but Commission seems not much keen into it. In the European parliament, it is Pascal Durand French MEP, who managed to bring the subject in front of others and got the extension of product lifetime approved in July, 2017. The Parliament contacts the Commission to facilitate and boost up the implementation of measures that could make the repair goods alluring to the users. Following on the same, MEPs asked the Commission to do think of a voluntary European label, covering specifically the product’s eco design features, durability and upgradeability from the designing stage itself.  In response, the Commission is planning to introduce repairability and sustainability criterion into existing energy labels and the results are expected to be out for 2020-21. Other nations are actively taking measures to promote the and product lifetime labelling and circular economy. France is the only nation known to have implemented penalties and punishment for planned obsolescence. Since the year 2015, planned obsolescence has actually become an offence which is punishable for 2 years imprisonment and a fine could vary from €300,000 to up to 5% of the average annual turnover of the arraigned firm.

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