Prepare Yourself for Cisco CCNA R&S 200-125 and Show Your Abilities to the Employer

Cisco Systems Inc. is one of the largest networking companies around the globe. This multinational technological organization has its headquarters in San Jose, CA, USA. Cisco provides IT professional certifications to anyone who wants to boost their skills and get a career promotion.

Ciscocredentialscan be sorted in several levels, based on the skills and knowledge they require. The levels are the following: entry (CCENT/CCT), associate (CCDA/CCNA), professional (CCDP/CCNP), expert (CCDE/CCIE),andarchitect (CCAr). The Cisco 200-125 certification exam falls under the associate (CCNA) level.

After the recent update announced by Cisco in 2013, there are several different types of the CCNA certifications covering a wide range of topics,some of them are routing and switching, security operations, cloud technologies, data center technologies, service providers, and design.

Cisco 200-125: Main Points

To get the CCNA Routing and Switchingcertificate, one has to pass the Cisco 200-125 exam. The company offers this testwith the purpose of providing the candidates with new skills needed in the sphere of networking. The same credential can also be attained by passing the 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 tests. Cisco 200-125 includes the same exam topics but lasts longer and costs more (around $325).

The Cisco 200-125 certification exam is available in two languages, English and Japanese. The number of questions in this test ranges from 60 to 70, depending on their difficulty level. It is also important to note that this certification exam check both practical and theoretical knowledge, so the candidates must keep this in mind as they prepare for the test.The types of included questions may vary, but usually they are multiple-choice or drag and drop, while the practical part of the test consists of router simulations, simlets, and testlets.

The Cisco 200-125 exam does not have a constant pass mark. It is subject to change because it is determined by using statistical analysis. Currently, the pass mark is around 800 or 850 points out of possible 1000.

Cisco 200-125: Core Skills Evaluated

The CCNA R&Sexam tests its candidates on a wide range of skills, but the core ones are listed below:

  • Ability to operate different types of networks in Network Fundamentals, such as Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Virtual Point Networks (VPNs), and Storage Area Networks (SANs).
  • Ability to maintain reliable computer systems in a multiuser environment, including management and configuration of servers.
  • Understanding infrastructure security and its relation to the creation of a well-established security strategy, including firewalls and their importance.

Cisco 200-125: Exam Registration

To qualify as a candidate for the 200-125 Cisco Certified Network Associate Training Course, one has to be over 18 years. Individuals between 13 and 17 years may also be tested and get the certificate provided that they have parental consent. It should be noted that you cannot take the exam if you come from any country embargoed by the US government, such as Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, and Iran.

The candidates also need to demonstrate basic knowledge of the Cisco 200-125 exam topics: network fundamentals, LAN switching, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, infrastructure security, and management. The students should be able to understand English or Japaneseas these are the only languages supported by the company.

Cisco 200-125: ExamCenters and Regulations

The candidates can register for the Cisco 200-125 test on the Pearson VUE website. It is the only official enrollment platform for this test, so be sure to ignore any other shady platforms that offer registration. Pearson VUEprovides a list of allavailable test centers, so you can choose the nearest one and schedule your exam there. To complete the admission process, one should send his or her digital photo and digital signature for identification purposes. Finally, you would require a government-issued IDto be registered as an exam taker.

Those sitting for the Cisco 200-125 exam also have to agree with the terms and conditions of the Cisco Certification Confidentiality Agreement and the Pearson VUE Candidate Rules Agreement. Breaching these rules may even lead to a lifetime ban from taking any future certification exams or revocation of all previous credentials.

The applicants are strongly advised to desist from any suspicious activity that may assist them in gaining an unfair advantage over others during the exam. Such actions may include:

  • Sharingany part of the actual exam content by any means with any person not authorized by Cisco to receive such materials.
  • Bringing unauthorized study materialsto the test room, such as mobile phones, laptop computers, cameras, notes, and books.
  • Attempting to remove exam materials from the test room.
  • Changing theexam scores.
  • Sharing any registration account information with third parties.

Cisco 200-125: Preparation Resources

There are enough study resources available for acing the Cisco 200-125 exam. When it comes to IT-related courses, the importance of video tutorials cannot be underestimated. Practice exam questions are also essentialas they assist in determining the scope of the student’s level of readiness and show what to expect from the real certification test.

The official Cisco website offers a wide range of study materials that can help you prepare for this challenging exam. Apart from that, visiting different specializedblogs and interacting with other test takers may be beneficial for your preparation. Such blogs are often created by experienced tutors that can provide technical assistance and answer your questions.

One of the trusted sites providing preparation materials is where you can access either free study guidesor premium materials for mere $50. This premium bundle is recommended by experts in the field of Cisco certification exams.

Final Remarks

Theprofessionals in the IT sector who want to ensure that their skills are up-to-date and still relevant need to gather knowledge about the next generation technologies. The continued partnership between Cisco and other stakeholders of the IT industry is a clear indication that the credentials provided by this company are popular as ever. The growing number of the certificate holders also proves that the Cisco 200-125 exam can help you discover new career horizons.

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