#NewYear #NewYou – BSc Hons Management Practice

The BSc Hons Management Practice is a part-time degree designed to help you make a difference.  Transform your management and leadership ability with high impact learning.   Learn to inspire and lead others by better understanding yourself and how you relate to people and situations in your organisation.  The programme can be completed in 28 months.

A stimulus for change, the programme design and delivery are intensive and challenging.  At the same time the format takes cognisance of busy schedules and the importance of work-life balance.   Working in small highly interactive groups participants drawn from a diverse range of organisations ensure an enhanced learning experience.  Practically orientated, the programme includes the latest research and training in Mindfulness.   Throughout the programme the application of newly acquired knowledge and competencies is encouraged.   Increased personal effectiveness potentially drives impact for the organisation, community and the economy.

Based at the Ulster University’s Jordanstown campus, participants will undertake several learning modules which may include: Future of Work, Entrepreneurship in Practice, Change Management, Improving Organisational Performance, Finance, Marketing and Leadership Practice and two Management Practice study visits.  The final assessed element is an in-depth piece of individual research on an agreed topic chosen by the participant.   Work-based assignments capture the immediate application of theory to practice.   There are NO exams.

“Partaking on the BSc programme has given me the rare opportunity to learn on subject matters relating to my work and future work, guiding me on my way to a degree which I can obtain while still being able to work full time” Conall McQuaid, Class of 2018/19

 This BSc Hons Management Practice programme is tailored for anyone

  • who would like to reflect on their leadership effectiveness and take steps to develop further as a leader and manager, or
  • who wants an academic management qualification, or
  • who wants to develop existing management and leadership competencies
  • with experience in a management or leadership role, possibly involving leading teams, managing projects, bringing about change and managing individuals, or
  • where the requirement to lead and influence people is becoming increasingly significant in determining success, or
  • who would like support and development to climb the managerial ladder.

For further Information please contact:

Dr Joy Taylor                      E: [email protected]                 T: 07702871441


Janette Sheerman           E: [email protected]     T: 07793539280

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