Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Succeed at a Trade Show

A trade show is the best platform for a small business to showcase their products to the outside world and build connections with potential customers.

Every year, thousands of trade shows are organized across the country that provides a chance for startups or small business owners to organize a booth where they can interact with the attendees and make them aware about their product. But before participating in such a trade show you must be aware of certain facts that will help you in utilizing the trade show completely.  Let’s discuss the steps to be taken to ensure that your business benefits from a trade show.

Consider the Expense

Participating in a trade show can be quite expensive. Plan the event beforehand and calculate the cost and marketing strategy. Starting from the cost of participating, to buying or building a custom exhibit booth, along with giveaways, printing leaflets, and brochures, cost of transportation and daily expense for your staff, don’t leave anything while calculating the expense. Once you have estimated the budget, let’s plan ahead.

Select the Trade Shows to Participate

Research is very important before you choose a trade show for participating. Browse the trade show directory and search for events both local as well as national. Sort out the events that attract attendees whose criteria match your choice of potential customers and dive in. Choosing the wrong trade show will result in attendees who are not even interested in what your business has to offer, resulting in an empty booth.

Study Your Competitors

The best way to do so is attending other trade shows. Be a potential customer yourself and visit the booths of other businesses that offer the same product as yours. Take an idea from the design of their booths, their way of approaching the attendees and marketing strategies. You will get an idea and benefit a lot, especially from businesses that are participating in trade shows for quite a long time.

Prepare Your Trade Show Booth

This is probably the most important fact that will decide the success of your participation. You can either design the booth yourself or purchase it from dealers that specialized in custom designed trade show booths. You can browse the galleries of companies like FretFreeProductions where you will get a list of budget or custom designed booths that fit your budget estimate. A booth designed in a unique way will express your idea and will attract attendees more than a normal booth.

Plan a Space for Your Booth

The location of your booth will matter a lot. A booth located at a corner in the event will be noticeable to very few attendees. If possible, visit the venue beforehand and calculate a strategic position where you can place your booth. The center of the venue or a place along the main walkway will be an ideal spot. You can also place your booth alongside a largescale business. The attendees of that specific booth will also be intrigued by what your booth has to offer.

Prepare Your Team

The team representing your business in the trade show plays an important role in making it a success. Select people who have a great deal of knowledge about your business, have good communication skills and are open to approach the attendees and patient enough to answer any queries from the attendees. If possible, plan a roleplaying scenario before the event to ensure that your staffs are ready.

Build Up Networks

Keep in mind that the major aim of attending a trade show is to connect with potential customers. Never leave your booth empty. Always have a certain part of your team attending the booth while the others are spreading among the crowd. Don’t think that everyone will approach your booth. Take the initiative yourself and approach the customers in a friendly manner and engage in an interactive conversation with them, enlightening them about your product.

Don’t Overdo The Display

Your trade show booth should be designed simply, yet in a way that it expresses your ideas and the potential your business has to offer to its customers. Instead of using bright colors or LEDs and backlit boards, arrange some monitors where you can present a slideshow of your products or showcase your social media activities. If your team is developing a new product, place a kiosk where you can showcase a prototype.

Follow Up is a Must

Never let the people you met or exchanged contacts at the tradeshow forget about you. The attendees may not have the authority to purchase or sign a contract with you directly at the event. Follow up with them and ask for an opinion about what they thought about your product or your business.

Above all, ensure that you have a functional and well-designed website where the attendees can get an idea about your business. Make sure that your site is ranked among the top in Google search results. You can hire an SEO expert or can take help from organizations expertizing in Improving Google Business Rankings

Now that your tradeshow strategy is ready, its time to put all the planning into action. Take a look at the trade shows happening nearby and start meeting your potential customers.

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