Marketing Efforts that Gambling Companies Employ

Marketing practices for gambling companies have changed over the last few years. Many companies are assigning significant amounts of their budgets to online marketing. As such, instead of the traditional advertising practices in the form of television commercials, the firms are opening up to social media marketing and the creation of mobile apps. This has generated exponential growth in gambling revenue, sometimes up to 200% in one year. The UK mobile gambling revenue, for example, increased 200% in years 2009-2010 with renowned companies like Betfair reporting improved conversion rates as a result of mobile gambling apps. Consequently, gambling companies have taken to rigorous online marketing methods in the form of the following.

Social Media Marketing

Casinos can no longer rely on casino bonuses to draw masses to use their services. Given the numerous social media platforms, social media marketing has become the most sensible form of marketing their services. Facebook, for example, is an excellent channel for building a brand’s presence while promoting a company’s services. Online gambling companies launch rigorous targeted ad campaigns to reach as many followers. Twitter, on the other hand, is a great platform for gambling companies to engage users without being too promotional.

Content Marketing

A significant part of online marketing revolves around content marketing. As a result, online gambling companies are developing content strategies that are showcasing their innovative persona and social insight. They are hiring copy-writing teams that can establish interesting press releases relating to the industry and distributing such content to gambling review sites, social media platforms and social bookmarking sites. The integration of content in online marketing efforts, gambling companies have been able to attain lead generation and goal conversion rates for sustainable growth.

Challenges Gambling Companies Face When Marketing

Every online casino wants to establish its presence in the industry while meeting the demands of their customers so as to make profits and grow. However competitive marketing methods like content marketing present new challenges for companies. Developing content that attracts leads, link building and having deep levels of research in SEO copy-writing can be challenging for many SEO marketers.

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