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Kia Stinger – Stylish GT

Kia the Korean car manufacturer has taken a step into the coveted and competitive executive car market with their all new Kia Stinger. The Stinger is a very attractive and polished looking rear wheel drive Grand Tourer and is available with a 2.2 diesel engine or a choice of 2 petrol models. The 3.3 V6 flagship or the 2.0 turbocharged version I drove.

Kia StingerThe Kia Stinger will no doubt be competing against BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi and the rest for a piece of the lucrative executive saloon car market. The Stinger on paper looks very competitive in every area and on price the Stinger does deliver.

The Stinger carries its premium feel to the interior, full leather upholstery and beautifully crafted front seats which offer support in every area and make the optimum driving positon easy to find. The interior plastics may not be the very top notch, but they are very good.

Front and rear passengers are spoilt for space and comfort. Kia have fitted the Stinger with a high standard spec, heated and Air ventilated front seats , 8inch touchscreen for audio, navigation and a 360 surround view camera which is very handy when parking plus, the comprehensive standard specification will save you from looking at any expensive extras. This alone could very well draw customers from the German Brands and their expensive extras menu.

The Stinger drives as well as it looks with an 8-speed auto transmission, the 2.0litre Turbo engine is smooth and revs enthusiastically allowing the Stinger to sprint to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds with a top speed of 149 mph. on short runs the Stinger does feel a bit thirsty. Take it on a long run on motorways and twisting ‘A roads and the Stinger really comes alive, swallowing the miles with ease and offering a comfortable and pleasurable journey. The Stinger will then return around 40 mpg, not bad at all for a GT. I found the Stinger at its best when on a smooth sweeping road, the suspension is taught and keeps body roll under control. The rear wheel drive chassis works very well and grip is good. The Stinger steers extremely well and feels very agile on the road, on a bumpy road the long chassis copes well soaking up any bumps without interfering with the smooth ride.

Kia StingerThe Stinger is a capable contender in the Executive car class and for someone who is looking for something a little different in that type of car the Kia Stinger will not disappoint in any area.

Kia Stinger 2.0T-GDI ‘GT-Line S’ as tested £ 35.935.